HID Iclass proxmark3

@NinjuhhNutz Can you also write up what carl55 suggested you do w/ the master key vs the HID default? Also did the community ever find another place to order the blank cards besides redteamtools which still seems OOS.

are you referring to what’s in this thread? If not, by all means ask away! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Kind of, earlier in the thread, you mentioned you got it working (with presumably a faster and more robust method) using the master key which I might have also found. Curious how that post would change if you theoretically had the master key.

ah okay. LONG story short, I already had the master key and I just didn’t know it lol

The cards that I had didn’t use the HID master key originally. I had to run the commands listed in that post to basically configure the card to use the HID master key instead and that fixed the issue that I was having. (that I didn’t understand at first.)

you can identify what key you’re using with

hf ic chk -f iclass_default_keys.dic
hf ic managekeys -p

confirm which key your card is using by

hf ic rdbl -b 6 --ki x
x being 0, 1, or 2 to determine which key your card is currently using.
If it’s not the master, I can give you a hand on how to correct that. I’ll have to read my other thread again to refresh my memory, which I’ll do here in a few.

I’v been reading this forum and proxmark. However I’m still too new to this. I’ve currently trying to clone a iclass Legacy card but am facing problems.

The above is the what I did.
Is there a problem after I do hf ic chk -f iclass_default_keys.dic? I’m unable to find a valid key in this instance to compare to hf ic managekeys -p.

I’m really new in this and all inputs will be greatly appreciated!

hf ic rdbl -b 6 --ki 0

what does that command result in?

if not successful, try --ki 2

@NinjuhhNutz Thank you for the reply! Key 0-2 returns absolutely nothing at all using --ki 0 to 2.
I “unpermuted” the master key and it gave the same as key 0. I hope that I’m on the right track. And when I use the same key to try to read block 6, nothing happen ( -k Master Key-unpermuted). No error…Just nothing…