HID Iclass to NexT

Hi Guys,

Is it possible to clone a HID Iclass to my NexT chip?
The fob key is 13.56 MHz , but I cannot read it with TagInfo?


I have proxmark3 installed and ready to go but I cannot read the fob key with “hf” of “lf” , I saw something about a master key? I think I have started with a difficult one to clone but if you could guide me a little bit or link some webpages to me that could help me, I would really appreciate it!

Isn’t that something for a flexClass?

Oh damn, so the NexT chip would not be compatible?

I don’t think so, no. You can’t clone anything to the NTAG just write NDEF records to it (not change ID or protocol like some magic chips).

I do not know anything about iClass tho, so can’t help with that.

Enrolling your NExT to the system might be an option. Maybe you can convince the owner to try it out? It might be possible.

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Thanks for the info, il just check if someone can confirm it and otherwhise maybe trying to get it into the system. Here are more details btw: HID® iCLASS® 205x iCLASS Key II | HID Global


From the first line on the Flexclass page “The flexClass is the only HID iClass compatible subdermal implant on the market.”

I thought you could clone HID to the NExT since it has the T5577 chip, or is it because it’s an iClass?


HID Prox = LF
HID iClass = HF


Damn that is unfortunate , the HF part of the NExt can’t be brought into the system right? Its a lost case?

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No, it might be possible. But it depends on the readers implementation. If you are lucky, you can enroll it.


If you do try enrolling the NeXT in an iClass system I’d be curious as to how it goes. I’ve recently started putting together a board full of various readers to test things, one of which is an HID iClass reader, and I was quite surprised when it read my NeXT! Was not expecting that.

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The previous company I was at used iClass readers, but the badges they used were 125khz. I was able to copy my ID the my next and it worked… Sometimes. Half the time it would read fine, half the time it would try to read the HF side and decline the swipe, flashing blue.

Interesting! Do you recall what model of readers they had? I don’t think this one has any LF capability (but I could be wrong). It’s an SE R40.

I remember it had iClass SE on the front, it looks the same as their website for the R40. We also used slimmer ones which were the 5365 Miniprox, which seemed to work much better on reads in regards to range and not reading the HF side since they are strictly LF.

I will test this next week when i am in the office.
I will check if they are willing to enroll my Next into the system.

Otherwise i will see what model of reader they use and if it is HF or LF.
The only thing that i know is that it is just iClass and not iClass SE

I just saw that my Iclass tag also has an LF search result. It says Indala. But everytime I do the command, another it changes the raw output. Is this normal behaviour?
for example:

Could I copy the LF side of the tag and see if that works on the reader? I will probably need to do something else instead of just “lf indala clone” as the output is always different. Thanks for the help guys

Indala 9/10 times is a false positive. Random ethereal noise.

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I think the reason Indala comes up a lot when there is noise, even if that noise is from an HF transponder, is that the Indala data format has either no parity or CRC checks or a woefully inadequate one.


@Zenef are you trying to copy an Amazon badge by chance? Pico Pass is what they use at my warehouse currently, which I don’t see often.

No, It is this one. They use it at one of the buildings I work in.