HID Reader Compatibility

I was inspired by @cexshun’s project using the iClass reader in his home and decided to check eBay costs. I found a RK40 reader/keypad that was open box never installed for $20 and bought it. It’s an outdated model but I don’t think that will matter to me. Looking at the spec sheet here it says it’s compatible with iso 14443a cards. I should be good with my NExT in that case right? Did I make a mistake? I did check the compatibility matrix and don’t see it listed yet.


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That should work fine.

Range is “up to 5.1cm” on a mifare card. So I’d expect you to have to press up against it pretty good to get an implant read.


Sweet. Thanks

Looks the same as the one I have at work, very hard to get a valid read. Have to do a bit of a turn and twist and then give up and use my pin… NeXT in L0. I have an iclass r15 on my front door and incredible read performance.

Powered it up and fiddled with it today. I couldn’t get it to read my NExT in any position. I could get a read out of a card but it had to be very close, practically touching.

Edit: this testing was done at the reader’s minimum 5V. I’m going to try higher before giving up.

No dice at 15V either. Bummed

Did the card read range bump up?

If it did it wasn’t by any real noticeable amount. I had to hover the card just over it to beep.

Did you find any hot spots to get a read? I have the same reader at work and can not get a read with my xM1

I haven’t found any position that works for an x series yet

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I found the spot :sunglasses: works almost all the time :partying_face:


Awesome! I bought a second reader with the thought that this might go on a back door. Very happy that there’s still a chance it will work consistently!

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I can almost add it to the Matrix…

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