Hilton Digital Key

I will be staying at the Canopy Hilton in Minneapolis. Apparently they use a digital key that you can use with an app on your phone. Does anyone know if these digital keys can be cloned?

Hey, welcome to the Twin Cities!

I’m not super familiar with Hilton’s system. Do they give you a card you can read with your phone?
Do you have a proxmark with you?

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Thank you! I won’t be there till November so I am not sure how their system works. I have a DT proxmark3 and will definitely test it out once I check in but was curious if anyone has messed with their digital keys to see if it’s possible

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I’ll know “soon” in the future since I’m going to try it. I just haven’t got that far yet with my Proxmark. I do have key cards here from a couple of Hilton properties, and they are definitely some form of MiFare. I’ll let you know when I look into it further. :wink:

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I appreciate it!

I stayed at a hotel not too long back - they were quite resistant to me using my implants.

i was able to get their reader to read my next, and i could beep door with it.

they would not let me use my hand as access - for “security reasons” and i didn’t have my proxmark.
i could not read the card they gave with my phone.

also - 3 weeks after that, we had bedbugs
it took me months to get rid of them.

i called the hotel to warn them and the guy went MENTAL saying i was trying to scam them.

in short, in my experiences, don’t even bother.

Most hotels in the us use mifare1K access system.
The app access has absolutely nothing to do with the door reader, it go through online portal and unlock the door from the main hotel control system.
(Yes, they know how and when you open your door …)

I never had a hotel willing (able) to take the NExT as an access point … Youd need a magic 1K and be able to break/clone it to a Blanc card

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Thank you! Luckily I have a flexM1 so it should all work out :slight_smile:

Clone the card they give you to the front desk and you’re good to go :+1:

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I stayed at a Hampton Inn & Suites (owned by Hilton) recently, and I was unsuccessful in cloning it to my xM1. Didn’t try too hard since I was only there for 1 night… but figured I’d share my post in case you run into any issues.

Help Cloning MIFARE Classic EV1 (MF1S50) to xM1

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