Hmm, I might have to implant my mom

I’m at work, and I just got yet another phone call from my mom who’s left the NFC tag to open the house’s front door inside, and forgot the backup pin code while going to the mailbox to get the mail. She’s 76 and it’s happening more and more frequently. One of these days she’ll forget her cellphone too and then what? We’re out in the sticks and the mosquitoes are hungry.

She herself mentioned a couple times that an implant might be a good idea for her too - seeing as though I don’t have problems with lost keys no more. But I’m not too sure about doing an implant job myself on a person that age with heart problems. And I can’t see myself bringing her to my piercer, whose parlor is in the seedy part of town, with “alternative lifestyle” patrons hanging around shall we say, and who’s himself covered from head to toes with tattoos. I mean he’s a great guy and all, but it might be a bit of a shock for my mom.

Hmm… That’s actually starting to concern me quite a bit…

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Shit scenario for you both.

Could you stash a spare card/ fob somewhere around the house, or a hidden pin number on the house or letter box.

Have you asked her about it as a posibility?
She also might get a buzz out of being possibly the oldest implantee in the world :earth_americas:

If she can’t/won’t get an implant, you could consider what Pilgrim suggested and get her a Fob. Maybe one she can stick to a keychain or something, that way she can have it with her.

That’s probably what I’ll end up doing. It kind of defeats the idea of having a secure lock, but then like I said, we’re really out in the sticks. There ain’t many thieves around here - there ain’t nobody around here :slight_smile:

Aah, I’m 100% sure she won’t give a rat’s ass :slight_smile: She doesn’t even know there’s a community behind this.

I did give her a fob with a neck loop. It’s even hanging prominently in the entrance. That’s the thing she regularly forgets to take with her when she goes out!

I have used the semi hidden pin for somebody else before, on a locker that had very infrequent use.

Would mean nothing to most other people


notches in a tree, marker pen on a downpipe, marker pen on a spotlight lamp… solder dots on a…


We could do her up her very own welcome and congratulations post

Er… I don’t think I’ll point her to this here board. She might end up reading some of the odd stuff that goes on around here - particularly the giant loony thread. She’s more than a little old fashioned :slight_smile:

Good call

I think sadly if she’s forgetting to grab things and forgetting codes, she may be getting to the age that a hidden fob or code may not help. Obviously everyone is different but an implant does seem like a very good option.

I’ve got two ideas, one is logistically hard, and one is mechanically dumb but not without issues.

First idea, try and organise a piercer to do a home install, maybe his apprentice that hasn’t got tats yet to avoid the shock and trip to that side of town. Someone that gives off home nurse vibes.

Second idea, change the lock to something deadbolt style - make it so locking yourself out requires a fob (yes, I know, you can forget to lock it and doors are weird in your part of the world)

I can just picture my piercer with a pair of comedy breasts in a pinafore trying to look homey and nursy. LOL!

Aaw man, that was a good laugh. I’ll have to tell him next time I see him :slight_smile:

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A picture is worth a thousand words, and your photoshop rush jobs have gotten a good laugh before!

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What about one of those RFID wristbands? If she puts it on with the rest of her morning routine it won’t be something she has to remember when leaving the house. People forget their routines less than a spur of the moment requirement.


Some thoughts.

Older folks can have paper thin skin that heals poorly. Think that through as part of your evaluation.

Covid-19 can work FOR you in this instance. After all, a reputable medical professional would likely show up at your house in a long sleeve shirt under scrubs WITH a facemask, gloves, and possibly a surgical cap. :mask: Chances are only the back of his head and area around his eyes would be visible.

Alternate plan?

Install an old wall mount rotary phone outside your house. Rig it so that when the receiver is picked up, it initiates a VOIP call to your cell. If you wanna double down, you could rig a remote unlock via a home server, possibly with a security camera covering the front door. She calls, you unlock, or give the code.


On that same note, maybe a Ring style door bell but running off your own server could work.

Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking. That’ll be the best solution I reckon.

Yes, I’m aware of that. Also, she takes blood thinning meds for her heart: whenever she bangs herself on something, she gets a bruise. I’m quite sure an implant would result in some major bleeding.

Er… she’s not from the 19th century. She does know what a cellphone is. Hell, I even managed to convince her to use my Linux box when I’m not at home instead of her old Windows XP computer :slight_smile:

I think what @ODaily is getting at is that a phone mounted to the exterior wall of the house is harder to forget and leave inside than a mobile or a key fob.

Yes, it’s that cool life saving device that’s locked inside the house.
A permanently mounted exterior phone solves that problem.

Also… If, god forbid, her memory should worsen over time, simple solutions will be for the best.
Just pick up the phone and Rosco answers.

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Ah yes okay, I get it.

Well, she’s not gaga. Just a bit forgetful now and then. I think a NFC bracelet, or simply taping a spare tag under her walker frame will do the trick. At least for now.

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If she always uses the walker, turn that into a key.

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I found this, I am sure there are better ones.

Maybe you could sell it to her as a key, and a way for medical persons to see her emergency contacts. I guess I am looking at it as a way to convince her to just never take it off. You could also look into a ring from the store also I would think.

Would make it easy to implant, you are very correct though. If her skin acts like yours, I would hope she will be fine. If it looks thin, and feels thin, it might be tricky.

I feel like Rosco could put a key in the bottom of her walker (or foot), and when she rolls/walks over the welcome mat, it unlocks the door.