Hornady shotgun wall safe works with NeXT with some hacking

Howdy all. I was in the discord posting about this but I figure I’d post here. I bought a hornady wall shotgun safe and knew it would work with my implant but was not able to get it to scan. I figured this was due to the antenna just not picking up the implant. Well with a bit of hacking I got it to work just fine with my implant by pulling out the antenna and rerouting it to it sits on top of the safe itself. Its ugly but it works.

Some photos to follow.

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Nice one,
I’ll put a link in the matrix :+1:


That is a nice quick read!

I assumed you tested it lying flat on the surface?

That looks like it is screaming for some encapsulation method to protect it though.

@fatvod Could you please confirm for me if it is 125kHz or 13.56MHz

Matrix updated ( Last column currently Gun box and safes section)

If it works lying flat, get me dimensions and I can 3D print you a cover


It works lying flat yes, but the reason I mounted it in this orientation is frankly trying to position your hand while flat is much more difficult and awkward. This is really quite a bit easier. I also have a 3d printer so I could make something similar if need be but this seems to work for now.

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It looks ghetto af I love it!


Just do yourself and change the back up key and shield the program buttons

Sorry yea its 125khz.

Honestly the only reason I hesitated to update the matrix was because it didn’t work natively. It required modification.

All good, I’ll add an * antenna modification may be required note
Updated and added the other LF implants a YES

This points to the idea that all hornady safes will work with modification. Though I can’t confirm for sure

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I have a hornady pistol safe that basically looks the same… I can get it to read without modification, but it requires a very specific hand movement and implant placement.

If I’m remembering correctly from a previous post of yours I believe you have the gen1 safe, the older version. Its possible the antenna design is different on that one. Either way the hack makes it much more reliable.

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ah yes true… didn’t realize they had a new version out.