(****) Hornady Watch band

I ordered a couple of these


“Every Hornady Security® RAPiD® Safe can be programmed to read up to five different RFID tags including the RFID Watchband Tag.”

Well there you go, That is their sales pitch…There is no more.

Let me attempt to answer a few more questions

Nope, they are NOT T5577, they are EM4100 chips
(tried: detect, wipe, write, all no go)

using the good ol’ eye-ometer
PM3 ~ 30mm
Flipper ~ 30mm


Indeed, it fits nicely on a 22mm strap.

I’m not sure how they could fall out.
I wouldnt call it a tight compression fit by any means, but the strap should still prevent it from falling out.
Although I have only had mine for a few days, so there is still time for that to happen.

I squeezed a 15mm T5577 in, but it only just fit, so the chance of falling out is highly unlikely with those exra 3mm, but after waterproofing, it may not fit in at all. :man_shrugging:

An xSeries like you describe (NExT or xMagic) will fit, and should be protected from the bottom by the strap and the top and sides from the cover itself. As you mentioned, A dollop of hot glue / silicone woud help to secure it in place.

It is difficult to tell from the photo, but there is a very nicely finished resin dome covering the chip and antenna

• Good for non Cyborgs

• Good for cyborgs that aren’t up for a FlexEM ( Or others of that size )

• Cheap

• Replace with your own chip of choice

• Good range

• Convenient


  • Wireless watch charger could be a problem

  • Only really for people with watches with certain straps

  • Not an implant :wink:


Pop another 12mm - 15mm coil antenna chip in it, LF or HF, but be aware, if you have NFC enabled on your Smart Watch, you COULD have issues with the HF.

  • Consider water proofing it ( Resin / glue etc ) for Showers, rain, swimming, diving etc



We are all about implants here, but this is a good and convenient alternative for people without.
The default chip that comes with the holder is limited in its use as it is locked as EM4100.
Replacing with another chip is a good option if you need something other than EM or if you don’t have access rights to enroll the preset UID



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Such a versatile device, especially considering it pairs well with the Safety Squints™

I know you’re probably pretty busy, but if you want to draw up a schematic i could whip something of a stl up so we can opensource some of these.


No probs, I should have mentioned they are made of a rubber material that flex with the band, but a flex resin could work.
It would need some design tweaks for strength and a few other considerations.

I’ll get you some dimensions / sketch to get you started

thats why i was thinking TPU. but the design seems solid enough to throw any cheap tags in. i dig it a lot.

I only deal in Metric, I hope the works for you

What CAD software do you use?

in the mean time

Here are a few more photos and a video


outer SQUARE


How about a rough sketch???

Let me know if you need any more dimensions and I’ll make them up measure them for you

What you have provided is more than enough

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Why do I have to like watches with odd sized lugs!?

With that out of the way, an Apex is bound to be more comfortable and harder to loose. But I like the idea of being able to experiment with a different chips from time to time. Now I have to dig out my G Shock and check if it has a 22mm band…

I can delete some if you like… :wink:

I was going to do it on SolidWorks, but wasn’t sure what you used, and an .stl is not the best for modifying

STEP files are universal and easy to modify in any CAD package. And you can export to that format from the save as dialog box of SolidEdge.


I should have just done that.

I was waiting for a reply so I could have sent any requested file Hamspiced asked for to make it easy, rather than ALL of them ( There are a lot )

Saw y’all talking and couldn’t help but take a whack at it for practice.

My rough attempt based on @Pilgrimsmaster’s measurements:

Couldn’t really think of how to make the bands on the bottom curve like the real thing, but I think the rest turned out pretty well.

.step file since someone asked for it.

.3mf file in case anyone wants to print it.

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I think you did really well. :emoji_thumbsup:

2 things,
real thing is rubber, so flexy and curve naturally anyway

how to curve will depend on how you drew it.
Can you show your pre rendered sketch?

For printed design, for strength, you would want to soften some of the sharp edges, by putting some fillets in around the stress points, (around the strap areas.

Sounds critical :point_up: but again, nice work

Damn, you beat me to it, i was just finshing typing up a reader project and i was gonna draft this quickly tonight but you did a great job. Excellent work.

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I know very little about 3D files, but would it be possible for you to expand the whole thing so that the area the watch band passes through has a length of 26mm while leaving the space inside for the chip the same size? I would like to get this printed to fit on my Apple Watch Ultra sport loop band.

I’m also wondering if a person can simply upload this file to a 3D printing service directly or if it needs more configuration to tell the printer how exactly to make the print.

TIA for any advice.

I can, but if it’s going to be printed in flexible material like TPU, wouldn’t you want it to be slightly undersized so that it will stech and fit around the band snuggly without sliding?

I’ll be honest, I’ve never worked with TPU or designed something to stretch like this so I don’t know the appropriate amount of undersizing to do, but I will go and make a 26mm version for you when I get the chance.

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Here it is:


My 2 cents,
You may want to look into either printing it out of something rigid, and using it as a positive to make a negative mold

Or you could try to print a negative mold,

You would have a much stronger part with no layer adhesion to worry about, and may be easier to print


The watch band I’m using on the Ultra is cloth, so it would likely just deform the watch band instead I think.