How bothersome is it to have a titan installed in -p0?

Implant positions

Implant Sutra - An index of implant positions that have been discussed and/or tried

Is it in the way when you grab any kind of handle/pole ? Or does is just squish away, since it’s in a pretty meaty area ?

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I have had zero issues grabbing or anything similar with mine.

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Alright ! Could I bother you with asking for a picture of the exact placement, please ? How good is it for sensing ?

Personally I’d never do anything but fingertips. Even in fingertips sensing isn’t as powerful as I’d like it to be and I guess it doesn’t get better than that.

What about the first segment of the finger ? It’s less likely to be crushed there, but does it have comparable sensitivity ?

As you can see here, the structures that detect vibrations in your hands are most densely located in your fingertips. So, while you may have some success in sensing with an implant placed in a more proximal part of your finger (or other locations such as p4, -p0, etc), you would have less sensitivity than if you went with a fingertip location.

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That’d only work for index and pinky, you don’t want your other fingers touching it usual hand positions.

That position is also very hard, your tip has some room for a magnet but the first segment? That’d be hella uncomfortable and I’d argue even unsafer as it will stick out and you’ll hit stuff with it.

That’s why tip of the ringfinger, to the side of the pinky is the typial spot.
It’s the best spot for a mag:

  • there’s squishy room for a small magnet
  • you rarely touch it with other fingers
  • it’s easy to feel around / pick stuff up
  • you can find installers that have installed tons of magnets there

Every variation from there seems to be a compromise IMO.
:salt: I am biased cuz I’ve only tested this and it’s a well known thing.
Also, if you have big squishy fingers you could probably maybe fit a titan in there comfortably?

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It does sounds like the best spot indeed, I don’t think I’ve ever held on to something while climbing with that side of my finger x)
I think I’ll go with that, thanks. Have you ever painfuly/uncomfortably hit it while doing something ?

@leumas95 has a titan in the fingertip, the first finger segment, and -p0 in the palm. She says she really doesn’t like the first finger segment spot because it is painful while gripping. The other two are fine. She is getting spatial perception of fields subconsciously like she suspected she would with the combination of the three.

I have had several fingertip magnets including a titan, and I think it’s the best spot for sensing. I don’t have many problems with gripping. Here are my finger dimensions.

In the beginning yes, there are certain ways in which I can grip objects which sting a little.
It happened like a handful of times, it never really hurt, it’s kinda weird and scary tho.
E.g. a door handle at my place, a heavy door so you gotta lean back to open it, I just avoid this one way to hold the handle instinctively now.

Spatial perception ? Damn, that sounds awesome, so she can determine the direction the emf is coming from ?

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Okay, so unless you do weird specific stuff, not a bother at all, then ?

I wouldn’t say it like this. Maybe go climbing with some glue on the desired positions (like a little hump of superglue or something) and see if you use these parts of your hand often.