How close can two implants be?

Hi guys,

I plan on getting flexM1 implanted soon and I’m doing some planning.
I already have xEM in L5 (left hand razors edge, also see pic below) for 3 years now.

Questions I have:

  • Can I also put flexM1 in L5, just below an existing implant (Location 1 on pic below)? Any concerns with this?
  • If there are concerns with L5 (Location 1) do you guys see any problems with L4 (Location 2 on pic below)?
  • Related to both questions: how close can a new implant get to the existing, well encapsulated one? Update: note I’m not asking for chip crosstalk problems as one chip is LF and the other one is HF. I’m asking from the perspective of skin encapsulation.

Location 1 is my preferred location for the ease of use. I plan on using my flexM1 for local public transport, gym access and opening a safe at home.

Thanks everyone!

this thread covers it pretty well, give it a glance to see how people have placed theirs in relation to eachother

I have a flexM1 in the space between my pinkie and ring fingers’ metacarpals. I suggest you install it there, chip pointing towards the fingers, for 2 reasons:

  • It’s safer and more comfortable there than on the knife edge: the implant, and particularly the chip which is kind of thick, has space to “sink” between the two bones and find its space there.

  • If you put the chip finger-side, more of the NFC action will happen closer to the wrist. I’m really surprised how far towards my wrist the sweet spot is. I think that’s how you’ll have the best chance of avoiding crosstalk with your existing implant.

EDIT: sorry I read too fast. If your existing implant is LF, no crosstalk. My advice to install between the metacarpals stands though.

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Just try not to overlap the antennas. There might not be cross talk (called collision) but the antennas can detune each other if placed in certain ways “overtop” each other.