How copy this card?

Tomorrow I will implant 2 chips (NeXT and Spark2). I have a meeting doctor confirmef!!
Today I received this safe box. The dubt is that I need copy the white card in my chip with blue cloner tags? what is the best form?
Tell me ideas please.

No need to copy, just add your implant to the authorized list

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I try it. Thanks @amal

My model has 4 botons inside and a port to connect something.
How I can add my implant to the authorized list? I am learner sorry…

Can you take a photo of the buttons and port.

Also were there any instructions?
Can you take a photo of them also?

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thanks a lot, but my version box is newest, i deslike it because his face plastic is bad quality like my others air conditioner windows. i will send back and choose another one.
it’s a pity. i will look for another security box rfid.