How long do the kits stay sterilized?

hi there, so im about to go ahead a buy the NeXT RFID and NFC chip implant but i want to know how long they will stay sterilized for ? this si a just in case as where i am there tents to be a fairly long wait time for a peircing to be done.

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As long as you don’t open it or manhandle the packaging you should be fine for idk 6- a year at the very least?

I’m not a doctor, @pilgrim can probably find the official answer somewhere

But short version, a long time as long as you don’t mess with the packaging


perfect, thank you, just ordered it, all i gotta do now is find someoen willing to install it for me XD

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I asked about the Flex packages once, and the official answer was:

So I imagine the X-Series implants are at least that long

The sticker on my NExT says the sterilization expires after about 5 years, but I don’t know how firm that date is either

ok that shouldnt be that hard, once the chip arrives ill be going out and asking at the local subdermal place by me, see if they will do it, if so i got the cash left over to pay em ready to rock and yea, alls good i should have one hopefully soon, if not ill just have to go to defcon and take it with me to get them to install it there haha.

Check the package. My NExT was made

2020 :03

It expires,

2025 :02


If i dont open it or damage the packing, it will stay sterile

I did say at the VERY least lol