How long of a wait for shipping?

Just ordered last night from Dallas and I’m curious as to how long of a wait it is to ship? Also my order qualified for free shipping so is that any different from USPS first class? Or is it the same, just free. Looking forward to getting upgraded!

Haha, I could link you to a whole bunch of other threads asking the same question, But i get itDaffy

Same just free.

How long does it take to get a parcel from Seattle to Dallas… there is your answer.

Process, something like this.
You will have received an order receipt
next will be an invoice
followed shortly after by a tracking number
then a knock on your door

Then stabby stabby :syringe:


The answer to life, the universe and everything (including shipping) is: 42 :wink:
Would be hilarious if my next order arrives with the text “DON’T PANIC” on the package. Maybe @mdanger can arrange that.



Thanks for asking this so I didn’t have to :rofl:

I ordered mine last night as well, but mine has to get all the way to Georgia before I get to, as @Pilgrimsmaster put it, stabby stabby :syringe: haha

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Just a little more serious reply for ya.

For me, I ordered a package Monday. Got an invoice, receipt, and all that sorta stuff. Silence for three days, then I got a full confirmation and a tracking number attached too the email.

So, a three day period between ordering and the start of shipping.

I don’t know if that’ll help, but hey. I’m sure it’s different for everyone.


Hence my

Indeed it would, and I hope it does :four_leaf_clover:

Guess what I am going to watch tonight!?

The movie not the TV series


I decided I couldn’t wait another day. I ordered my NExT just now. It says backordered :weary::weary::weary: utterly upset lol I thought if I order it now I’d get it back end of next-ish. But so idk now… I guess we just wait?


Chungus, is just rubbing it in your face right now…

Hopefully you get an update or when the stock is due.
If @mdanger is listening, she might be able to advise…


Ah man totally rubbing in my face haha. I really really hope it’s soon…

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Thanks for the reply! Sorry I’m a bit new, didn’t think to search to see if anyone has asked my same question. Excited for the stabby stabby, S.O. is most definitely not though haha

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I have been wanting to get one since I was 16-17 I believe, and I’m 23 now. Lurked the site for a while then would forget. The I’d remember and lurk again. This time I finally pulled the trigger because everything I wanted to get was on sale.

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Yea thanks for the reply! Just excited to get the tracking number. Can’t wait to jab this smart rice grain into my thigh lmao


Hey everyone… sorry about the delays… we’ve run into manufacturing delays because we get some of our materials (antennas mostly) from China, and as you can imagine this has caused production delays… hence the NExTs (and bundles containing them) are delayed… but we are hopeful we can get this all sorted by March 12th and get backorders out the door rapidly.

We’ve also had another issue crop up that has delayed current orders for products in stock… but they are getting processed as quickly as possible. Many of the product kits we build contain elements that aren’t put together until orders are placed and we had some stuff break on us… ordered new stuff… people got sick… ugh… you know… delays… but orders should be getting out the door faster now.




Mine came today! Took exactly one week since placing the order to a knock at my door :muscle: super high quality, I’m very impressed!

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Thanks for the heads up! My apologies if I end up incorrectly using this blockquote, not too sure how the options here in the text box work but…

Many of the product kits we build contain elements that aren’t put together until orders are placed

This is very interesting, what is the purpose behind waiting if you don’t mind me asking?

Amal is always very busy, and this I don’t know for a fact. He can correct me if I am wrong.

SO one analogy would be, McDonalds don’t prebag up every combo meal they do incase somebody walks in and wants one, obviously they have and expiry. but not so obviously, so do DT Products; granted the time scale is much longer but still…
So it makes that side of things much easier to manage
Plus you can walk into McDonalds and get yourself a 1/4 Pounder OR you can get yourself a 1/4 Pounder Combo OR a 1/4 Pounder Combo plus 6 McNuggets OR a 1/4 Pounder plus a 12 Pack of Mc Nuggets.

DT sell about ~20 Products
Plus about ~6 Combos
You place your order for Combo #2 which contains Product A, C, D each of those products are in individually sterilzed bags, with an expiry date on it, and you Upsize your order, so you get accessory :triangular_ruler: :black_medium_square: and :straight_ruler:, but you also want a product F thrown in .

SO it is easier for a staff member to walk down the isle :wedding: grabbing each of your items, checking the integrity of the bag and the expiry label, and puting them all in the same heavy duty plastic bag and sealing it, printing out your consignment note, and sending it on its merry way :mailbox:
Or the products are sterilized as and when you order them, Ethier way, you get your individual order, nice and fresh and ready to put into your body :hamburger: :syringe:

*What if next week everybody is ordering individual products and DT are now running low on stock, so do they start unpackaging your premade combo deals to get the products?

DT system obviously works for them, and it is done that way for a reason…
But Still a fair question to ask though

My analogy is pretty :poop: , and I could be completely full of :poop:

In my imagination :brain: , that is how it happens, or something at least SIMILAR

FYI, the block quote,you used is correct to simply quote, But if you want to Quote a specific Post within a thread, Highlight the text you wan’t and you should see a floating


Bubble, select that and it will automatically start a reply in the same thread, or if you want to reference it elsewhere, you can cut and paste your previous result, or during your active post, find the quote and select the floating “quote” again and it will insert where your cursor was.

That is like Forum Inception!

Hope that helps


Eh I just got hungry :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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Wow solid reply👌 I figured it had something to do with products becoming unsanitary over time. Thanks for the thoughtful response!

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