How NOT to self install a Titan

This is definitely NOT a question on how to install a Titan by yourself because that would be risky and not recommended by anyone so dont do it…

BUT. if somebody hypothetically was interested in attempting to install a Titan in their arm by themselves how might they do that? Ive had a Titan laying around for a few weeks and the only installer near me is 4 hours away which isn’t far I know but I’d rather not drive on icy roads for a 20 minute install so fully understanding the risks and concerns regarding a self install can anyone who has done similar self work give me any tips in terms of how do you know when you’ve hit the right depth and any other relevant useful info?

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oh simple answer: dont!

hope this helps :slight_smile:


wait till roads aren’t icy?

Get a tattoo or piercing while your there, then it’s more worth it

… or do 6 implants at once :man_shrugging:t2: Lol


6 implants at once I’ll have to pass on lol. I’d just rather get it done sooner rather than later.

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It’s what I did, because I hate scheduling things and I got a decent discount for “we are already prepped so it’s not really much more work”

Wasn’t really any worse than normal


I was clenching my jaw as I clicked this link, expecting pics of a horrible mess, maybe I’m just feeling pessimistic.

If you feel you can not pass out, not damage nerves, not get infected, and know how to do nice stitches then there should be some threads around of self installed flex’s that would be similar enough.


I’ve got some DT numbing gel which should help with the pain. Infection is a concern but with some careful sterilization and awareness of surroundings and what I’m touching I think I can mitigate that risk.

… you’d need to push that needle a lot more than you think… with one hand.

Main problem I always see

It takes 2 hands to do PROPERLY, and you want to implant your hand

That’s my only real issue with it, and any solution to that issue, is likely more hassle than a road trip

How certain are you of this? What City are you located in?

Have you exhausted all avenues?

There are piercing partners but if there is none near you any body piercer should be able to implant this for you.

A doctor, nurse, medic or veterinarian would likely be able to but they will likely take more convincing…

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I’m in Traverse city Michigan, the only piercer I’ve found was In Fenton, and @Eriequiet actually was the one who told me about him so a big thanks to you man, he was awesome!

Oh I forgot you were in Michigan…

( did I tag you in the cyborgs take over Chicago thread?)

I’d just do a road trip down to Fenton if it were me, just give Thomas a call and let him know you want to do a titan, I don’t know if he has done one of those yet, but he was interested

We could grab a beer if that seals the deal lol

I talked with Thomas when I was down there about my Titan and he was down to do it but then I started working with some beefy magnets at work and had to put it on hold for the time being. hence why I figured the arm might be a close middle ground.

My 2 cents have had 2 magnets in my arm…

I’m pretty disappointed with the end result… I think the skin is significantly thicker or something, I’ve never had any sense ( never expected any) and lifting has never been what others can accomplish with hand locations

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what other places do you think would be worth considering? back of hand, maybe knife edge? I think the Tragus might be cool but not sure I’m ready for someone to carve around in my ear.

Hard to say… I think I’m just going to say fuck it and do a finger tip

I just wanted to give you my experience that arms tend to reduce the usefulness of magnets…

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Definitely appreciate the insight!. had hoped arms would be a somewhat viable solution. Fingertip it is I guess.

I’m not saying it’s NOT, just letting you know it hasn’t worked for me

What’s your goal?

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I mainly just want a sensing magnet but had some concerns of the magnet being a little big for my fingertip and ending up being an uncomfortable nuisance in day to day activities which made me start looking for alternative locations.

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I think I can safely say, arm isn’t going to give you much it any sensation

I only cared about lifting for screws and such but it’s not enough to be secure… and I’d still loose a screw just the same

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