How safe are the implants


I am thinking of getting the hand implant. Just have a few questions

  1. how safe are the implants, can it cause loss of mobility in the fingers?
  2. can it cause amputation of the hand if the implant breaks?
  3. Can it cause death if the implant breaks and the metal components enter the blood stream?

Thankfully it’s exceedingly rare for DT brand implants to break after implantation, but there’s still some information available:

Some theoretical discussion:

Actual technical tests that DT has done to their implants to verify safety:

And there have been reports of implants from other brands using cheaper materials breaking, here’s one example:

In all cases, the general consensus seems to be that so long as you remove a broken implant relatively quickly, no long-term or major harm is likely to occur


Some great links above to answer your questions.

Heres another link to answer some questions you are yet to ask