Safety Advisory - FireFly v2 from

A report from a Facebook user in the RFIDIY group has been posted that calls for anyone with a Firefly v2 from to immediate have it removed. I personally have always thought that the Firefly and Firefly v2 glass was fragile and the collapsed oval shape of the v2 meant it had serious structural issues. This customer advises;

If anyone else has a Firefly V2 from you need to get it out ASAP.
Mine started randomly hurting yesterday, so I cut it out today and found several dozen pieces of broken glass inside my arm. Luckily the tritium didn’t break, I got really lucky. I didn’t damage it at all, no impacts recently. Looks like it was not annealed at all. Should have listened and taken it out months ago. Took me nearly an hour to dig out all the glass.



Interesting, that tritium capsule looks just like the one I jokingly suggested to Amal

Assuming scale is correct that’s scary close to the ones I have at work… I might have to talk to some people to see if our vials are supposed to be proprietary geometry

Wonder if it’s the same old story of China supplier doing China supplier things

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So what are you theoretically making?

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Optics that have DOD applications


Honestly, I also saw something like this coming one day. The shape of this second version was my biggest concern so I never wanted to buy one. Some of my friends had also technical issues with other products from Cyberise… and for one of them I had to help removing some pieces of the broken glass. (It was a broken SIID sold by Cyberise)
I know at least two friends who still have the Firefly and v2 implanted, and I will contact them ASAP about this issue. Many thanks for sharing it here!


yeah it’s a kind of flat squished shape… there are suppliers on alibaba that will make custom shapes for you as well… so maybe its your supplier, but maybe it’s not?

Ah man. Yeah…

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Aw man…

It’s been nearly 2yrs since I got my “xSIID” from cyberise under the nfcxled branding. Despite Amal’s comments freaking the heck out of me when I posted that, I have been too chicken to get it removed (really, I’ve just been waiting for the Apex so I could do 2-birds-1-incision :smile:).

I rock climb and smack my hand around pretty heavily, and my chip is still going strong. I’ve actually directly smacked it pretty hard a number of times, so I got over my fear about a year ago, but this has me reconsidering.

I haven’t looked into removal too much— Is a body piercer like the one who put mine in qualified to do a removal? Should I go to a real doctor?

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I guess yes. Definitely if he does scalpelwork as well, and even if not, he should be able to.

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is it weird this just makes me even happier i went with DT for my plants and not IAR or


So you have one from Cyberise too… Glad to hear your implant seems to be okay, because the broken pieces I had to cut out of a good friend, don’t looked very nice to me… My wife has a similar implant that she bought from Digiwell. She wanted to check it before implanting, and it looked like good quality and very stable. She has no problem with it. But the pieces that I found inside the hand of my buddy were really thin glass… All of this together looks kinda suspicious to me… I’m very interested what the Firefly implants from my other friends will look like, because I told them and they decided to remove them ASAP.

It is no big deal to get it out if it’s still intact. Don’t worry they are mostly also qualified in removing such things. A real doctor would be a good idea if it’s like the broken piece of junk that I found inside my buddy… He was happy that things like that are my daily job…


I had two of the v1 in for a couple years. I ended up removing them due to concerns about gamma exposure due to bremsstrahlung radiation. I did feel better after removing, though it could have been psychosomatic.

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wow never heard of bremsstrahlung radiation but it looks super interesting…


Field lines and modulus of the electric field generated by a (negative) charge first moving at constant speed and then stopping quickly to show the generated Bremsstrahlung radiation.

Though it seems the energies would mostly be generated by slow moving alpha and beta particles (hardly any gamma) and thus the energy output of the bremsstrahlung radiation would be rather low.


My first chip is from iamrobot. I wouldn’t remove it - its my first implant - no problems yet.

I have also one chip from DSRUPTIVE :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: got the SIID in 2019

Yep. Firefly v2 is rather easily damaged apparently.
Takes a beating a lot of times and then a gentle impact just shatters the glass.

I still miss my always present light, but I’m not going to ever use the spare one I have as an implant again.
Good thing the tritium Vial seems to be robust since I haven’t heard of that one breaking yet.

there was a cyberise firefly v1 that broke in some girl… tritium vial too… posted to twitter a while back… can’t find link now but there was much discussion about it at the time.


Damn. Yeah. That sounds scary.

hmm. I am not super eductaed with nuclear physics, so i could be wrong.
My understanding was gamma rays get produced when the beta particles strike a barrier and slow down.
I was just concerned with the idea of my glood and blood cells being constantly exposed.

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gamma is higher energy so it’s not really possible to get higher energy from a lower energy interaction. I don’t have the calcs but it would seem to me that beta particles are not flying away at sufficient speed to generate gamma by this method. i could be wrong though… just seems improbable to me.