How to protect my xNT tag without Android phone

Just implanted a xNT tag and would like to make sure it is protected. However, it seems the DT app is only for Android. I don’t have an Android phone. Short of buying an old Android just for this purpose, is there any software that can be used with a computer reader to do what the DT app does?

Hi Vrocco,

What eco-system are you in? Apple, Microsoft or Linux? I’m guessing its not Linux since you don’t use Android however I don’t want to assume…From what I’ve been learning and talking with Amal it is preferred to protect the xNT using the DT app. I too have an xNT and have been experimenting with it in iOS and OS X but for piece of mind I decided to get an Android to interface with the DT & DT Tools apps and then after that you can experiment with your OS of Choice. I’m finding out that the Android Phone is kind of a nice fun suppliment to the iPhone I’m used to, and depending on your carrier you can get really good deals on leasing an Android Phone by adding a second line to your account and forward that phone number to your primary phone so you could be a little more selective as to who gets what number lol. As for anything Microsoft as far as software is concerned regarding these tags I haven’t used Microsoft since WindowsME so any information I could give You would be limited to a google search. In this Forum Amal has all the inside information on this tech so if I were you I would wait for him to give the definitive answers. Congrats on your new implant and enjoy its a whole lot of FUN

My phone is iOS but as far as computing environment, I regularly use (and am comfortable in) Windows, Linux, and OSX so I can make do in any of them. It sounds like I may have to pick up an extra Android phone just for this though. I was hoping to avoid that, but I guess it is what it is.

That’s cool and you never know but you might find out that android is kind of fun to play with and become a dual adopter I hope you stick around because I’ll need tips, pointers and some direction for when I finally decide to boot camp or VM win10

Hi Vrocco
I might have a solution for you on your DT app Android question
Since you’re comfortable with the Linux environment here is something new you might be interested in looking into before going out and buying an android phone
It’s called “Anbox” which stands for android in a box and allows you to run android apps on a Linux desktop


That’s awesome. I hadn’t seen that before. Installing now. I guess the next question is: where can I get the APK to install the app in anbox? or does it somehow support the Play store?

Dangerous NFC 1.1.0.apk (266.4 KB)


Excellent! Thank you sir! I am going to try the Anbox solution and see if I can get it working for me

How does Anbox handle “missing” phone hardware? i.e. how do you make android talk to a USB NFC reader?

I think have more luck finding someone with an android phone… or even going to the store and seeing if you can install the DT app on one of the floor models just to get it protected.

I can’t get anbox to work properly at all. Even using Ubuntu LTS which is one of the distros it claims to support. Half the time the package manager won’t even run properly and I can’t get it to recognize a reader in a way that the app sees it as part of the phone. I’ll probably just go buy an older android.

Any recommendations for phones that have nfc and are maybe on the lower side of the price range?

Moto X 1st gen works pretty well. The HTC One is older and also works pretty well.

Thanks. I’ll look into those. Does it even need to have a cell plan on it? I can load the app from the apk and use it to interact with the xNT tag without any network connection (or connect it to wifi if needed), right?

There is a way to dual boot your iPhone and android operating systems that doesn’t require jail breaking I personally am not that brave with my iPhone but if you’re interested I’ll send you the link after I get home from work

Sure. I’ll take a look at it. My brother is also an android guy, I’m gonna ask if he has an old phone laying around from his last upgrade.

nope… wifi or USB is all you need to get the APK on and sideload it.

Here’s the link with video for iOS android dual boot as I said I’m not that adventurous with my iPhone let me know what you think

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I’m not sure if it is possible in the current iOS But You could Sorta Dual Boot w/Android after jailbreaking… I don’t know how you view it but for me my iPhone is way too important to me to jailbreak. here is a legit link.