How to remove chip

How the heck do you remove the chip

For x-series tags;

  1. Get a glove on. You will be assisting the professional removing the implant.

  2. Press on the underside of your hand and the top side just behind the tag to “pop” one of the ends up under your skin.

  3. Have the professional mark the spot on your skin where the tag popped up.

  4. The professional will incise that spot.

  5. When the time is right, assist by pressing again to make the end of the implant pop up where the professional has incised.

  6. The professional may need to scrap aside additional fibrin and collagen tissue that has encapsulated the implant.

Once the way is clear, the implant will pop out like you’ve just ejected the world’s largest blackhead. It should be easily pushed out, or the professional can grab it gently with forceps.

Hey Amal,

You refer to “the professional” in this, as well as a few other entries on transponder removal. Does this refer to one of the piercing partners that you recommend going to for the intallation, or is a different “professional” needed for the removal of a transponder.



The same piercer that installed it can pop it out, but personally I’d just DIY it. Pop the implant up and make a little incision parallel to the chip using it as a “cutting board” to allow the end of the chip to pop out. A little superglue on the hole and Bob’s your uncle.

Some piercers won’t do removal, but most will. A body modder familiar with scalpel work will definitely help you… and of course, your GP doctor can easily do it… foreign object removal is kind of their thing :slight_smile:

i am trying to figure out if one is on me i beieve i need a detectector to find out but i don;t know which one to use and then what to do after it

@gferguson41 - as I said in the other thread you commented on, check Asking around for a “detector” will lead you directly to being scammed by charlatans who will sell you a “scanner” for hundreds of dollars that does nothing to help you. You don’t have a chip implant. Get psychological help.

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