How can I tell if my implant is in the right layer?

Keep an eye on it though. I didn’t say it was nothing - just that it probably was nothing :slight_smile:

Can we get a picture of that part of your hand?

Yeah… heavy bruising combined with swelling can put pressure on major nerve bundles which can impact their ability to carry signal properly… so you can get periodic numbing and tingles… but as the swelling goes down and things return to normal, so should those sensations.

Its feeling alot less bruised today and I can feel both sides of the implant . The top is definitely deeper than the lower end near entry . Its only a couple millimetres. Perhaps its under the vein?its also angled slight inward toward the top of my hand
Thanks for that info Amal :blush:

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Hey Amal, bruising is still under the musscle , swelling is down. I have determined that the implant is down into the muscle, its on a steep angle down and the end closer to the insertion point is clearly visible without tensing .
Is it a good idea to try massage it back up into the right layer and force a channel?


Does it move when you flex the muscle without moving?

What do you mean?

Well, tense the muscle and keep your fingers still: if the implant is in the muscle, at least partly, you should see it get pushed out. If it’s in the fascia, it should stay still too.

It does pop out toward the skin a little its also pushing into the bone a little when I clench my fist

Interesting, thanks.

all good. Do you know if its possible to push it out?

I have no idea. I’m neither a doctor nor a body artist. Anything I would advise you would probably be BS, beyond what I know to be true from my own, less out of the ordinary implantation experiences.

Surely Amal knows more.

thank you :blush:

Here is a pic im pushing the muscle from below on my knife edge and can only see the one end next to insertion point poking up

Looks fine to me. As long as there’s no pain or redness you’re probably fine.

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Anything is possible. Just a matter of knowing how to do it. I also am not sure of the correct way, so I will not give advice.

I would agree with this. I personally feel if it was injected into the muscle, your hand over there would likely feel like a permanent “Charlie horse” does it?

Thanks guys. I do feel it sometimes but that could just be because it was installed less than 2 weeks ago. Im going to get an early in a months ine and see if it is deep. I may just have a deep fat layer in that part of my hand . I can read it easily with my KBR1 so that is good I think :blush:

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So… today my hand started swelling and hurting a bit. Felt like my pinky finger was bruised. I couldn’t find my implant and can’t see any blue light when I scan(using kbr1) . I seriously think my impant has actually made its way onto the bone . Im going to book in for an xray this week coming . How do I go about removing and reinstalling my implant if it is? I don’t want to have to worry about bruising in my muscle every time I use my hand :sweat_smile:

removal can normally be done by a body modifier or surgeon its a small procedure with an incision and then griping the implant to guide it with pressure applied to the base to pop it out.

To add to @Devilclarke
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