I-button basics

Hello DT,

Starting to look into i-button programming and cloning … and I have no idea where to start …

Any experience or pointer on where to start?
Do they have different communication/encryption protocol?

It seam a lot more difficult to get info than RFID .
Any help/pointer will be welcome.

I have never used an i-Button, and know very little about them, I have seen a couple, but they are not very popular where I am, but again from what I have seen they seem to be popular in Russia, IF WE ARE TALKING ABOUT THE SAME THING

i-Button , I THINK is a product, which uses a contact terminal for access.
Which is why we ( well me at least ) wont be too familiar with them, if we can’t install one under our skin, it is not really something we ( I ) am as interested in.

I am not even sure if a Proxmark will work with it but I do know that a Flipper Zero can / will
Here is some info

If you don’t get any more replies, I will do a little research and see what I can find out

here is a quick couple of things


Is there a reason you are interested in i-Button in particular? Is there something else available that will achieve what you want?

Thanks for the info.
I’ve been through the Maxim website and saw the cloner on Ali. …

I was hoping someone had first hand experience with them.

The flipper is definitely going to be something I’ll get once it’s out and we got some feedback from the kickstarter

In Europe the i-button (1 wire communication chip) are popular for communal area, where a “key” needs to be distributed to a large group …

PS: I’m talking about those little guys:
download (2)

iButton or otherwise called 1-wire is interesting but I never bothered to get into it because RFID just seems better. Yes the flipper zero does have an iButton interface but I have no idea how to use it or iButton in general.

I’ve seen iButton once in the wild in Australia, it was used for membership functions on Delta Strike laser tag systems at some bowling alleys. To my knowledge basically all of those systems are gone from the country now, and every competitor uses RFID cards.

Can’t help you on cloning, never really played with them!