I can't add any tags to the xEM access controller

I’ve already switched the jumpers to add the 2 master tags, then switched it back to the normal operation mode. I scan the add tag, then any other tag such as my NExT implant, but another beep never sounds. I figured it might’ve just not beeped when adding, so I scanned the add tag again. Afterwards, my NExT never activates it. When scanning to add, the NExT makes the green light blink very fast. My work badge I cloned to the NExT makes the green light solid. The T5577 card that came with my Proxmark 3 makes it solid. Am I doing something wrong?

What mode is your NExT in?


or prox, indala etc?

Hid prox. I’m guessing that’s the issue? If so, is there a way to get it to function as hid prox while in the proper mode for the xAC?


Nope, Sorry bud

The T5577 chip IS awesome, it just can’t operate on 2 different modes at the same time

At least it is easily solved, you just have a few decisions to make.

  • Use your NExT in EM401X mode for your xAC
  • Leave it in HID Prox for work
  • Or grab a new xEM , FlexEM or another NExT Implant

I know what I would do NExT, but what will you do NExT ?:wink:

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Alternatively, you could get an access control system that is compatible with HID Prox or the high frequency side of the NExT.

But chances are that getting a second implant is cheaper and easier and it would also give you more flexibility.

Was your handy double tag hack cross mode compatible?

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I’ll answer that one for him
No*, you can only do multiple tags of the same type

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* Here is the proper and full explanation from Rosco ( extracted from the link I provided )

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I remembered asking, but forgot the answer :sweat_smile:,
Worth a shot

Even if it was a possible solution, it’s an advanced one… I haven’t even begun to try monkeying with it

It will be useful once I try to convert my car,

Will let me store my gunsafe and a vehicle em UID on the same chip, without making a spare fob for the car for non cyborgs- also be a key to my safe, I don’t want to have any extra keys floating around, kinda defeats my purpose

Hence my initial “No”
But I thought I should expand for clarification and justification.

Roscos hack is a good one to bookmark

I actually thought he had a good chance for the best post 2021 :trophy: with that hack

So did I but then someone made “login with google”…

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I would have voted for that also, but somehow it got boiled down to a limited selection of posts I didn’t want to vote for