I cant write to my sxiid implant

Hallo can someone help me out ?

I got my first impant this week ist a sxiid blue led . My frend instaled it with no problem no pay no swelling al was good . First day i tryed to write to it with nfc tool just a text with “test” on it i worked but then i think i messed up by trying to delet the test texts and sins then i can’t write annything to it .

Can it be fixed ?
Did i do somthing wrong ?

Al help is welcome thx in advance !


We need some extra info, the more you give us the better we can help.

How did you do this.

What happens when you try to write.

Is the light functioning when you are trying to write to it?

Are you on iPhone or Android?
Try this to check your xSIID?

and this to read / write

I justed erase tag and te test text was gone but the link and some other stuf was also gone that was te point i feelt tis mabe worng

And i get the messing " write error" and the light is working

Also, did you manage to read it prior to writing? Should have liked you to DT website if I remember correctly.

Also worth noting that after a week there may still be swelling etc that will effect the read/write ability.

The light is or isn’t working?

If you used NFC tools it wipes tag and then adds the records you wanted. So I would expect the tag to be empty bar the text you wrote.

To be clear you used the NFC tools and clicked erase tag?

That’s all?

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Im on android . And okay i wil give it a shot

Yes that’s all i did and after that i was not abel to write to it

When you try to read does the light turn on?

Sorry yes the light does turn on

Sorry Mate, you are getting a barrage of help, So when you get a chance, can you pleaseTry TagWriter


The NXP i2c chip in the SIID is a bit strange at times but I’d personally try…

Exactly what @Pilgrimsmaster just typed :sweat_smile:

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right ok, thats actually good news.

When you try and read move the phone around until the light is brightest and solid.

Use an app called TagWriter, select erase tag and format to ndef, choose no.


Okay i did what you sayed and i get a messig says : writing protection fail ( unknown reason)

Ok, try this one

Okay just did and it says sussesfully erases to factory default do i have to do somthing else ?
Ps sorry for my english and weird translations

No need to apologise, This forum actually has a translate function if you wanted to write in your “mother tongue” but your english is perfectly understandable

Awesome, so now using TagWriter,
Let’s do this in parts.
First Use TagWriter and set up a record
Then Try to write that record and tell us what happens…

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Okey it saved sussesfully :slight_smile: what now ?

Awesome, that sounds like your problem is fixed :+1:
so NOW you can write whatever you want onto your xSIID, just just choose a new data set, choose whatever you want to write to your xSSID and you are done.

Just remember currently the maximum file size is 888 bytes but that will be doubled when they work out the bug with the app

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Okey greath ! Two more question to remove the test text do i just folow the same staps erase to factory default ?
And second i tryed to scane my tag no app and the test text doesn’t show up when i did it the first time it did show up is this becaus of the difrend app ?