I DID IT! My NExT is in!

sigh Still can’t read it with my phones using NFC Tools (KBR finds it fine though). I mean I’m not surprised or upset, just disappointed cause I hoped I’d be lucky. A decent enough amount of swelling is still going on though, so oh well.

I do think I’m gonna wait til I can read it (hopefully) to do my next implants, and hopefully that’ll give me a better idea if I got it close enough to the surface or if it’s too deep.


Woo! Getting reads with my phones!!! Still learning best read position and hoping it improves a bit as swelling continues to go down, or at the least that I get the Spark better positioned as I put that in soon.


Great stuff and great news

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Thank you!!!

Spark2 is now in too!!! This time in the actual left hand, @ODaily. :wink:

No blood to speak of this time, and I think even an easier insertion once the needle was in place. Just slipped right out, last time there was a little more resistance (which is, of course, futile).




How’s life with two stabbed hands? I just did the one hand, and could mostly avoid using it for a coupla days.


Well the other one is basically healed and not really uncomfortable unless I put direct pressure where the chip is. This doesn’t feel quite as painful as the last one did, which swelled up right away. I can’t read the chip yet and I imagine it’s not gonna be perfect of course, but it feels ok now that I’ve got a bit more of a hang of the install.

I’ve got 2 of 4 in now, but I want to get to… 7 of 9. :wink:


And now my xG3 is in too! I did not at all estimate how f’ing big it is, lol. I will say this much for others who stumble on it, you should really consider professional help installing it and account for how big it is. I put it in position 1 on my left hand and OUCH. Almost didn’t get it in.


The xG3 is 3mm right? So the needle has to be at least that ID… Yeah seems quite large…


Just sayin’

At least now you are 3 of 4.
One step closer to 7 of 9 :vulcan_salute:


Yup. I didn’t even think about it, and by the time I realized it the package was already opened, so I’m like well, if it’s already broken sterility, what the hell, why not, cause I couldn’t think of another place for it that I really wanted it to go, and I didn’t have any experience in, say, forearm installation, so I just went for it.


hahahaha, thank you! We are deeply pleased with the results of the implantation procedure.

And in reference to your pic:


Thank @Sijaka for that image
here’s the link to that thread

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That’s a 4g needle right? So 5mm? The xG3 would be like a 7g maybe 6g I guess… Still fairly large if you’re doing it DIY especially if you’re not expecting it.



Haha, that gif made me laugh

Queue the needle sizing info thread…

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So the jump from a NExT to a G3 is ~1.15mm and from G3 to Flex is ~1.35mm. Interesting Ty, forgot about that thread.


I am so ready for this fist cannon!
My last round of fun was a 12mm removal of septum cartilage.

Hidden Fleshy Photo

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That is a good chunk of flesh :meat_on_bone:

Ready for some body mods?
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Absolutely cracking up, lol. Thanks for that gif.

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I finally did my xM1 install. That’s 4 of 4. For starters, it’s really quite shallow, lol. I might’ve gotten it TOO shallow in fact, but I guess only time and healing will tell. I guess I didn’t realize this was ALSO a 3mm, lol.

Second, I had to make SEVEN attempts, lol. FUUUUUUU(dge).

It’s in P4 right which turned out to be a poor place since the skin is a wee bit tight there. Just hoping to hell that it is actually deep enough and doesn’t get rejected or anything else. There was SO. MUCH. BLOOD. Some places I pricked barely bled at all, some were like “I… think that was a vein.” (Not really that bad, just being dramatic - I’m safe, just a LOT of blood compared to the others especially in P0.)

Anyway, unless you’re doing Position 0 folk (WITH a smaller implant), please please please take my advice and DT’s, and do this right with a professional installer, or at least someone experienced who can do it for you.

Thanks so much to the wonderful community here, in particular @Pilgrimsmaster, @leumas95, @Backpackingvet, and an honorary mention to @ODaily for helping me figure out my right from left. :wink:

Now I’m off to figure out my next implants.