I DID IT! My NExT is in!

hahahaha, thank you! We are deeply pleased with the results of the implantation procedure.

And in reference to your pic:


Thank @Sijaka for that image
here’s the link to that thread

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That’s a 4g needle right? So 5mm? The xG3 would be like a 7g maybe 6g I guess… Still fairly large if you’re doing it DIY especially if you’re not expecting it.



Haha, that gif made me laugh

Queue the needle sizing info thread…

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So the jump from a NExT to a G3 is ~1.15mm and from G3 to Flex is ~1.35mm. Interesting Ty, forgot about that thread.


I am so ready for this fist cannon!
My last round of fun was a 12mm removal of septum cartilage.

Hidden Fleshy Photo

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That is a good chunk of flesh :meat_on_bone:

Ready for some body mods?
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Absolutely cracking up, lol. Thanks for that gif.

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I finally did my xM1 install. That’s 4 of 4. For starters, it’s really quite shallow, lol. I might’ve gotten it TOO shallow in fact, but I guess only time and healing will tell. I guess I didn’t realize this was ALSO a 3mm, lol.

Second, I had to make SEVEN attempts, lol. FUUUUUUU(dge).

It’s in P4 right which turned out to be a poor place since the skin is a wee bit tight there. Just hoping to hell that it is actually deep enough and doesn’t get rejected or anything else. There was SO. MUCH. BLOOD. Some places I pricked barely bled at all, some were like “I… think that was a vein.” (Not really that bad, just being dramatic - I’m safe, just a LOT of blood compared to the others especially in P0.)

Anyway, unless you’re doing Position 0 folk (WITH a smaller implant), please please please take my advice and DT’s, and do this right with a professional installer, or at least someone experienced who can do it for you.

Thanks so much to the wonderful community here, in particular @Pilgrimsmaster, @leumas95, @Backpackingvet, and an honorary mention to @ODaily for helping me figure out my right from left. :wink:

Now I’m off to figure out my next implants.