I don't know if this is a hoax?

Looks like Mastercard is testing out biometrics for payments. Face or palm scanning tech which clearly requires a whole new and far more expensive piece of tech for the point of sale to have, and requires people to upload their face or palmprint to mastercard’s database. That’s a disaster waiting to happen especially when facial-recognition can already be abused in seconds.

Just saying that implants would solve all their problems…


I’m not American so maybe I’m missing context. Is CNBC very conservative media?

No it’s not, but all US media is very conservative by international standards because Right = Center here partly due to corporate capture


Interesting to know, but also not what I meant. I meant more like “implants = mark of the beast” kind of conservative, not politically left/right.

They’re one and the same here. The separation of church and state is a mirage in the US


It was a huge adjustment for me coming in from Europe …

It still makes me cringe to see elected officials pledge on the bible (or any other religions texts)

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I have to laugh because it’s literally your hand or forehead they are allowing payment with. Like literally.


I was thinking the exact same thing! :rofl:

I am worried that the CC companies and tech are going to completely bypass implant tech. It’s legitimately hard to argue that physically putting something inside your body is a reasonable solution in comparison to something like a payment ring which more easily notches in much better with their established expiration frameworks.

Biometric payment is obviously a ridiculous idea without some form of 2FA.

If it goes forward it will probably work like contactless cards in EU do now. Bigger transaction are always authenticated by pin and once a while even small will require authentication. And it can be counted as 2fa secure as now we have card and pin or something you have and something you know and this biometric would be something you are and something you know.



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