I dream of Implants 🧞 + Poll

Well, had yet another implant-related nightmare last night. Think it’s my 4th or 5th. No idea why these keep happening.

I was outdoors, helping attach a car to a tow truck or something I think, and part of the tow hook (a big rusty iron cube) slammed into my hand, right where my xSIID is. It left a massive bruise at the xSIID site, and my hand started bleeding from like 30 different places, in a near-perfect grid (reminds me of Pinhead from Hellraiser). I notice that my xSIID is now poking out of the top of my hand (with the blue LED lit), as if it has slid in a straight line until it forced its way out.

As I notice this, my hand clenches, and my xSIID shoots out. I catch it with my other hand, and weirdly, it’s way too big compared to the actual xSIID, probably ~7mm in diameter, and like 40mm long. The shape was similar to those old SIID prototypes, the ones that weren’t meant to be implanted.

I’m curious, as I was a few months ago, if it’s caused by anxiety and stress, or completely random. I have very vivid dreams often, so I guess that predisposes me. I know a few other members have talked about having them (@Eriequiet I think mentioned it once).

Here’s a poll, out of curiosity, although it’ll get easily buried.

Have you ever had a nightmare involving your implant?

  • No, haven’t had an implant nightmare
  • Yes, and it involved some kind of implant destruction/body horror
  • Yes, other circumstance

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I subscribe to the notion that dreams are more or less your brain defraging and downloading RAM to ROM

The Random tabs that were open get mixed together, and you get some random dream

I think we dream about implants in our nightmares because we are all worried about smashing them, or getting a random infection… or them migrating, or pushing back through the skin

None of us want that, so we quietly push that worry to the back of our mind…. Where it sometimes gets a spotlight during the dream cycle


Also, if it’s “other circumstance”, please share if you don’t mind :slight_smile: really curious what experiences people are having.

I had a dream a few times of the skin around my implants sort of bubbling and when reaching down to touch it the skin just sort of fell away.

1/10 do not recommend

Seriously though I agree with the RAM to ROM comment usually when I have weird dreams it’s because I’ve been playing with my implants, been talking about them or something. Funny how the rest of the time I dont really think about them there just part of me.

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Pretty boring compared to that, but I don’t have any implants but had a dream a month ago that was just an x-series install then nothing


I also had a dream of an x series install at some point.

I’ve had nightmares about some family members finding out. Because sadly, I have family members who belong in the you know what thread…


I have the xG3 magnet in my hand and I occasionally have dreams where it gets stuck to a strong magnet and I’m trying to carefully separate the magnet without it pulling the implant through my skin. Usually my skin goes through necrosis and the implant rips out or I wake up before I separate the magnets.

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I had many dreams involving Magnet implants but mostly funny stuff - for example i implanted a car lifting e magnet so i can attach myself on cars and follow them with a skateboard^


I had a dream last night that involved an implanted ball valve with the stem passing through my skin. And that the thing that keeps the shaft in place had failed and my blood pressure was pushing out that piece of metal…

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Reminds me of the old valve intro…

valve logo

That’s pretty freaky though.

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A part of me finds it freaky and another part of me wants a valve transdermal implant.

The valves in my dream were significantly smaller but you’re not the only one who thought of Gaben this morning…

I’ve always loved the “Open your eyes” and “Open your mind” intros.



Somehow, another one.

I think the dream started with me lying on my hand or something, and something felt off. I sit up, and check my xSIID, and it’s out of encapsulation. It’s moving around freely, heading towards my thumb. I thought “that’s no good” and try to gently push it back. It’s like there’s a solid wall blocking my implant from moving back the way to where it started. I push really hard, push hard, nothing, can’t break through. As I’m trying to figure out what to do, I walk around, and eventually look down. It’s reversed mostly out of the injection site now, and is sticking out. For some reason, it’s huge and long just like the other dream/nightmare. I genuinely thought in the dream “huh, it does actually look like it did in that dream a few nights ago”. It’s coated in a thick red film of blood. I go to pull it the rest of the way out, and at this point I’m thinking “well this sucks, gonna have to see if I can get it sterilized and reinstalled”. As I think that, it slips from my hand just as it comes fully out, and flies behind my dresser. I pull out my dresser, very annoyed, and find it. I go to enthusiastically grab it, and the glass is completely shattered.

My hand gets covered in these tiny shards of glass (some bigger), and they all stick in me. I begin trying to pull them out, while simultaneously cleaning up shards from the carpet. I keep getting stuck with these little pieces of glass, over and over, feeling something that resembled pain.

At this point, I think “at least I have my other two implants”. I look at my left hand, and half my hand, towards the thumb side, looks super fucked up. It’s like there’s zero blood in that half of my hand, and it’s all sharp and pointy from the bone with skin wrapped tightly around it. I realize it’s due to the other implants somehow constricting blood flow, and that I would have to go to the hospital. I genuinely think “please let this be a dream” and try to pinch myself, but I swear, it felt normal to dream me! I remain panicking for a few minutes, but eventually wake up.

I feel like some kind of sleep god is taunting me at this point lmfao


My only “dream” experience with implants was a weird one, afaik it was the chip getting loose under my skin and just sliding all around my body… weird. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

i actually forgot i had these nightmares after install. the one i can remember distinctly was where it popped out and i had to push it back in and i woke up when i got scared of infection.

I’ve had two, neither were very interesting. First one I just felt a magnetic field with my Titan. Second one I had one of mine break under my skin, and it hurt pretty bad, so I had to get it removed

Perhaps reading this thread put the idea in my subconscious mind. Just had a dream last night, well more like a nightmare. I was playing with my implant under the skin and somehow pushed it deeper down my arm towards my wrist. From there, I tried to push it back into place. Tried to use toothpicks to hold it in place. I ended up pushing too hard and having it pop out of my skin… Wild!

Let’s hope that doesn’t happen in real life. Has me scared to touch it now. :joy:


I had a dream about getting an implant installed and having a bit of a hematoma mostly towards the proximal end of the vial. I wouldn’t call this a nightmare but I still hope that this won’t happen on my next install.

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I had a dream involving me badging in on my refrigerator. There was another one where I had a tattoo of instructions and placement marks. Not comic book movie style, but like Swedish furniture instruction manual style.

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I’ve had dreams after I get a new tattoo that I get in the shower and all my tattoos start washing off, I start freaking out because some of them I’ve had for many years and I don’t know what is wrong with my skin. But I don’t think I’ve had any implant related dreams.