I dream of Implants 🧞 + Poll

I had a nightmare related to my last post, it was that I was a robot and was getting chased by a group of armed criminals… Then I ended up hiding and they started shooting in my general direction and then I felt some of the shots and thought “WTF, my back is a metal plate, how am I feeling this!?”

Hopefully I’ll get more Atlas dreams. Ideally more positive ones but I’m not complaining.


Had my first implant nightmare.

There was a mark of the beast type law put in place for the whole country and implants were outlawed.

They were agressively hunting people with implants and forcefully removing them. They had a scanner they’d run over you and detect the implants.

I got scanned and they found the implants in each hand.
Then they forcefully moved them from their resting position so they were obvious for the “removers”.

I was in a total panic and kept trying to move them back to their normal position, thinking if they’re back where they were the removers won’t even notice them. And I was frantically trying to move them but they wouldn’t budge.

Then the removers came and started cutting them out…
And I woke up.


Last night I got one as well. Went to a hospital for some of procedure and they had to put me under sedation. I am waking up and I am seeing how a doctor is pulling the apex out of my hand with forceps. Me totally horrified, asked her what the f*** you’re doing??? She replied, we saw you have something in your hand and we decided to take it out. I said do you know how much time I’ve waited to get my hands on this implant and how much money I spent for it?!?!?!?! Then I woke up in cold sweat. No fun, folks I am telling ya


Had an other dream about being a robot, in which I started getting upgrades and ended up being a small mech. Gosh, that was amazing!


Just had my first such bad dream.

Somehow one of my xG3s fell out, through a weird gross blackened crusty fistula that developed suddenly, just this ‘healed’ hole into my hand. I noticed when I found it in my mouth somehow, behind my upper lip. I then spent the rest of the time trying to keep track of the magnet;, dropping it, forgetting it places, missing busses to get back to places i forgot it.

Later in the night, I had a second dream where I dramatically recounted the first dream.



I’ve only had one… In my dream I woke up to find that my body was pushing out all my implants like they were pimples. Bet your butt I woke up from that nightmare QUICK


Just had another.

This time my parents and a godparent (whom I haven’t seen in years), confronted me to express their disappointment—that my life is good and thus shouldn’t mess around with my body. I got heated.
It took place in my bedroom growing up; for some reason said godparent wanted me to pick up a bunch of screws/nails from a huge pile with one of my magnets, and comb them through her hair. Like somehow that would be degrading or send a message? I struggled to collect a good group of them with a good size. I’m just fumbling around with screws, getting them mixed together, dropping them, losing them, …


So my family members who belong in the you know what thread came across the NeuralLink stuff and are panicking about implants. I’m not going to tell tell them that Amal got under my skin…


Cyborg tradition out of the way, I had a dream about people piloting giant robots as a hobby in which I tried to befriend them. It was awesome! But sadly I was not a robot in said dream.


I didn’t think I’d ever have one, but I did have my Apex Flex make a cameo in my dream last night.

I was on a trip somewhere and the car I was renting just happened to be a Tesla. Driving around in the car constituted most of the dream, but I recall thinking quite clearly “hey, I can get the Tesla keycard applet and register my implant”! Being mostly unfamiliar with Teslas, though, the details of the interior of the car didn’t render coherently enough for me to figure out how to do it. I wondered if the Tesla model I had even supported the feature and then gave up.
Edit: Checked the first post. Not a nightmare, just interesting. No nightmares so far.

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