I have joined the club

I am officially one of you. I got three installed 30 minutes ago. Spark 2 at L3, xM1 at L0, and NExT at R0. I cannot wait untill they are read so I can start using them.



Edit: while you’re waiting for it to heal, do you have a proxmark installed and working? If not you got some time to fiddle with it while they heal up


Thank you. I do have a Proxmark3 Rev4 and do plan on playing with it.

Welcome welcome welcome welcome welcome!!!
Ice, and Ibuprofen


Welcome aboard, we’re all mad here.


Speak for yourself, some of us are just insane…

:man_singer: “one of them, one of them”


I really like your placement layout

Your “hacker” implants in your position 0’s and your cryptobionic identity in an easily accessible location


@Pilgrimsmaster Thank you. It was a difficult decision on deciding on to put what.

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I think you are pretty well future proofed.

You could still easily put in an xEM (or xLEDs, xHT, xBT if you can find one) in between your xM1 and spark, and also on your left you could also likely get away with an HF blade/knife edge (position 5) install due to the 90° angle difference :triangular_ruler: or easily another xEM or NExT

Even a FlexEM anywhere on your left hand would also be a good option.

Your right hand is almost a blank canvas

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welcome to the community :slight_smile:

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Any use cases tested already?
I like the positioning and Choice of implants. Should be all you need for 80% of cases I assume. But someone can correct me from the old members if I‘m wrong. :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the gang!giphy-2


Everything is healing great. It has been 6 days since I have installed the chips. My Spark 2 located in L3 is difficult to read. Not sure if it is from swelling, if I just haven’t found the sweet spot, or if the chip was installed a little too deep. I can feel it when a palpate it. If anyone has an idea on the reasoning, I am all ears.

On another note. I am happy with how well the Spark 2 is hidden. I was nervous about it being seen in the L3 location. The person that did the install at Just Another Hole in Broken Arrow, OK. did a great job, and is hidden very well.


Hello and welcome to the comunity.

Mark of the beast dude.

Mark of the beast is not a man made object my friend. It is not a physical mark, nor is it these implants. It is a spiritual mark,

have a read and open your eyes mate

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@glifeedu you will need to stay in your designated area or face the ban hammer.



I have to say, as much as I think he’s bonkers, it makes me happy that’s he not just outright banned and has been a member here for a year!


Looks like somebody bought themselves the Lifestyle Bundle :wink:

You’ve copied my planned installations to a T, exact same implants, exact same locations.

Well, his are in, so it looks like you are going to copy his plan :wink: