I just installed the Green xSiid bundle

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I just deleted your personal details from you post, there is no need to share that publicly, we can help you out here, plus use DM’s if you prefer


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is because you posted before the video finished uploading

Try using NFC Tools

its pretty self explanatory, but sing out if you get stuck

DONE :upside_down_face:


First off, Welcome!

As far as that Amal has made a nice little tutorial video on. Log into Windows 10 with a microchip implant and the KBR1 - Bing video

And with the xSiiD it can take a couple weeks before the swelling goes down enough for easily reading and writing.


Thanks man, that was a fast reply. The xSiid chip is glowing impressively well under the band aid that I was given during the daylight. However, it’s night time now and it’s now glowing as bright anymore, but I’m guessing that’s because of swelling (it doesn’t hurt at all and it’s not swelled up that much).
The numbing gel was a great purchase and it helped alot, I just left it on for 20 minutes for each implant and it worked great. I watched the video about the KBR1 reader to try to log into windows but it’s still not working.


It’s probably the swelling as well. It took a couple weeks before I could reliably read mine


Okay, I’ll give it some time. Thanks man. I’m down for biotech. If you know anymore implants I should try I’ll buy it tommorow. I’m thinking about that wallet implant because I think it would be cool to pay for things without a card or a phone. I wish these implants could do that.

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100%, It is great, There are a number of us with these type implants, But Firstly What country do you live in, that will decide which one you should get…

Get one of everything…


What would you like to do? Do you have access cards for Home, work or school.
Do you use a public transport card?

Do you want to be able to Open and start your car?

Do you want to do magic

Do you want and extra sense…

You tell us what you want to do and we can direct you toward a suitable implant or three…


Buying one of everything isn’t going to work… You might need several with changeable UIDs for example. Best to buy several of everything.


Here! Me! Nightview please! Or some nice sonar-y stuff? :stuck_out_tongue:


It can also be used as a kill switch. I got my xSiiD because I wanted an extra step of security for my 99 miata.


I can only recommend payment implants. Great fun, every time,even after idk like a year.
Tbh apart from payment xSIID xEM is a strong combo. Your money would be better spent on electronic locks for everything. Try to go completely keyless.

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I live in Florida in the USA , I want to be able to do magic, have extra senses, and pay for things

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That would be nice where can I find that, and how do I charge the implants, because its not glowing at all

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I’m sorry… I was just joking. I’d love to have some extra senses, but the only thing available so far is magnetic sense - via magnets, obviously :wink:

No need to charge an xSIID, it gets all the power it needs from the reader. The fact that it’s currently not glowing might be due to the fact that there is still some swelling or blood pooling above it, even if you can’t see it. Usual advice is to give it about 2 weeks until you can get nervous :wink:


I’m going to order the magnet, I’ve read alot about the 2 different magnets that the website has to offer. One is basically for sensing and the other is for lifting small objects.is it better to put both of the magnets in the same hand or different hands. And if I put a “lifting” magnet in every finger of my right hand does that increase my magnetic power. It’s too bad the payment implant isn’t available in the USA

Well… it gives you the ability to lift metallic objects with every finger :woman_shrugging:
Some people here have done that and have a more three-dimensional sense for magnetic fields, but other than that… no clue.

I’ve got the Titan here on my shelf (still not sure when I will get it installed), so there are three types of magnets so far. For the other two, I guess I shout for @mrln - I think he can explain the differences pretty good. I’m sure a lot of others can do that as well, but my brain is just bad at recalling who it was…


Thanks for the info, I’m starting to think it wouldn’t be a good idea to put magnets in all of my fingers because I have a job that requires me to type all the time and I wouldn’t want to mess up my laptop. I have an easy work from home job so I have alot of free time to experiment with things. Maybe A little to much free time lol

There is a payment option in the US, basically you get a purewrist payment “card” and send it to Dangerous Things for conversion to an implant.

How many years it lasts will depend on the device from PureWrist.


Okay I’m going to do that, have you done that before.

No, but others have. Purewrist prepaid payment card in USA

The Purewrist Saga

Contactless Payment and Spark being installed today, why am I so nervous?

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I have, it’s pretty great. I’m working on ways to convert more cards in the US now

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