Purewrist prepaid payment card in USA

Purewrist is a prepaid credit card issuer in the US that will be offering a wearable wristband form factor called the Purewrist GO. Here is their website:

@backpackingvet and I have been keeping a close eye on them and purchased wristbands a few weeks ago with the hope of cannibalizing them for the DT Payment Device Conversion Service.

Contactless payment in the US is moving at a snail’s pace. Since MasterCard seems determined to hinder the VivoKey Apex from processing payments, this seems like a worthwhile avenue to explore in the meantime. Note that this is not a full fledged credit card, simply a reloadable prepaid card. That means users will be subject to predatory fees and delays on the loaded funds becoming available.

The purpose of this thread is to keep all the updates anyone has about acquiring or testing this product in one centralized location.


Here’s a timeline of events for my experience so far:

  • 2020-07-13: I was able to order a purewrist go unit for $35 ($25 for wristband and $10 pre-loaded). I later learned that the shop was not supposed to be public at that time.
  • 2020-08-20: received email that I should be receiving my wristband in 2-3 weeks
  • 2020-09-10: Purewrist appoints former NXP executive as CEO (ping @amal)
  • 2020-09-10: checked in and was told 1-2 weeks
  • 2020-09-17: product launch email was sent
  • 2020-09-25: checked in and was told product would be shipping by October 5th
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This interests me greatly

Prepaid? I can live with that

Predatory fees sound pretty sucky, I’ll have to look at what they are like

I could live with the fees
And if I might live with the 36month depending how easy it is to pull the old out and put a new in

From memory there are 2 options… correct?
Prepay and “member”?
I think when I read it, the “member” one sounded like a better choice, (fees, expiry?) and my understanding of the wording at the time was you could transfer from Prepay to “member” which would be ideal if it proves viable for a conversion.

Is that how you read it also?
Is that your plan?

will expire thirty-six months (36) months from the date of issuance

I stopped reading right there. This one is as utterly pointless as all the other payment “solutions” that pop up on this here forum every now and then for the purpose of implantation.

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I am glad you received an update. I should text Ian and see whats up. He is a good guy though.

I did digging cause I was starting to worry.

Found https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/purewrist-contactless-transaction-wrist-platform#/comments

But glad to hear about the CEO.

Christ Rosco. We get that you won’t settle for a payment implant that isn’t permanent. Heard.


I don’t know if this is just a US thing, but it’s pretty common here. You can purchase two types of “prepaid” credit cards. The first type is a one time use that you load up at purchase and do not need to provide any personal information for. These are limited to $500. The second type is a “reloadable” prepaid credit card that you need to provide personal information for (often including your SSN). You can reload these an unlimited number of times, but they will charge you a fee (usually $5) each time and you may have to wait a few hours/days for the funds to become available.

This “Purewrist GO” starts as a one time use, and then you can transition to a reloadable card at will. It appears to be targeted at parents with teenagers who they want to disperse an allowance to.

Perhaps it bears repeating, so that normal people who think cutting themselves open every 3 years is unacceptable who happen on that thread after it’s grown large enough don’t think it’s a solution to the payment implant problem.

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I think we all bet that in 3 years Amal manages it somehow.
So this is only a 1 time thing for most (hopefully).

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My pleasure :slight_smile:

Rest assured I’ll post the exact same comment in the next thread about a NFC wearable that carries an expiry date, that someone else mentions as a potential candidate for implant transformation: at least that way the expiry date information will be indexed by search engines - something that doesn’t happen when people post screenshots.

I am not familar with that system, but it does sounds like a good way a good way to clean :soap: your money.
By the same people buying burner phones

Mine shipped. Wonder what they mean by mini card.


The PureWrist Go arrived

The card itself is about 2cm x 3cm. The scan looks like other credit cards, probably a smartmx2

Right now it’s loaded with $10 for single use. I’m going to activate it with my info and make it reloadable do that I can try it out with everyday use for a week or two. I’ll let you know how it goes.


Looks promising, good luck

That’s an artsy wiring job right there. Or is the chip disconnected?

Similar to my Public transport one

Oh… They just didn’t crop the ends of the wire. Got it.

Correct. The welding is done by a robot and it holds the wires in place by the ends and snips them before releasing, leaving little tails

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