Payment Conversion reader position index

I thought I should start one of these for generic payment conversion terminals.

There are specific threads for


Purewrist prepaid payment card in USA


Walletmor reader position index

Same dealio as the other threads, Post your videos, pics or web images with a diagram or description of where to get a successful read

I will add these to the Payment sheet on the Chip compatibility matrix - Google Sheets

Direct link

Verifone VX820


As you can see, the NFC antenna is situated around the perimeter of the screen and as with Flex implants, parallel to the antenna is the ideal way to present, but you could also get a successful read perpendicular also if the readers allows or restricts you to that.

Verifone P400


Similar to the VX820 above

The antenna is again on the perimeter of the screen…It works…Nuff Said

Windcave Lane 3000


Currently, I have tried this only once
It read perfectly fine when I placed my implant parallel where the Paywave logo is.