Walletmor reader position index

OK so I’m starting this thread without any actual content right now. What I would love this thread to be (think would be really useful) is a gallery of images with indication where to place your walletmor or similar payment implant (ideally we would keep it to wedge / butterfly flex’s).

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This POS (Yomani XR) is very common here in Luxembourg with nearly every major supermarket chain like “Cactus”, “Match”, “Delhaize” (European “Food Lion”), the largest gas station chain “Aral”, MC Donald’s and most smaller stores and restaurants using these. Sometimes the reader is on the left side (like in the picture), sometimes it’s on the right side (Aral uses these mainly). They seem to be so reliable that I can hold the implant against the reader, no matter the orientation or position and they just work. They even worked with swelling. This basically means that you can leave your wallet at home and don’t have to worry about your Walletmor not working as far as I can tell :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I’ll be updating this if I encounter a problem with this POS in the future.


Apparently they are used in EVERY C&A clothing shop in Germany too. I’ve also seen them in C&A shops in Luxembourg. (Often Luxembourg is regarded as part of Germany or Belgium when it comes to international companies.)

Source: YOMANI


Just a word of warning though. People on the Walletmor Facebook group were complaining about these readers, but they were attempting to test with the implant still in the vial where gravity was pulling the orientation by 90 degrees. This was my response to that;


Yes I found that too when mine wasn’t installed, I just turned the vial so that the vial was upright to avoid the implant from turning. That at least gave me a read but it still wasn’t a very good one. The reads after installation have all been very fast and easy though :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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This terminal is also used by Tyro in Australia.

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So far I’ve encountered those two readers:

  • The Poplapay Yomani ML: by far the most common fixed terminal in supermarkets, restaurants and largish stores in northern Finland. Reads contactless cards vertically on the left side. Works great, no issues:

  • Verifone-something: I can’t quite identify it, but I’ve seen it at my barber’s, and I’ve endured it for the first time at the hospital cafeteria earlier this afternoon. Crucially what sets it apart is that its antenna is apparently laid out around its screen, and that makes its performances kind of crummy. You’ll have to hunt around the screen for a few seconds to get your Walletmor to ring, and that don’t look too smart with the poor cashier wondering what the hell you’re doing. Fortunately for me, those readers are fairly rare here, and apparently limited to very small businesses:

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I had a reader exactly like that fail not work with my vimpay.
Weird, but maybe just not exactly the same model.

I investigated the Verifone today (with the help of another waiter who completely blew his top and went ape when I told him about the implant :slight_smile:). So it’s a Verifone VX-690, and with the cooperation of the helpful waiter, I made a few micropayments to hunt down exactly where the Walletmor should be positioned.

If you encounter that terminal, here’s how you need to position the implant (marked in red):

Interestingly, when I explained I was investigating because implants can be a bit more difficult to read than full-size cards, the guy told me “Oh nevermind implants: that terminal is utter crap. If the customer slaps his card down too fast, it won’t work. And often we have to rotate it on the screen until it finally rings. We want to get rid of the hateful thing but the boss is too cheap to get another one.”’

So it’s not really even the Walletmor’s fault in this case: the terminal is just subpar, is all.