I’m bored and need a reconfig

Is It just me or do other people here get a slight tingle of excitement when they see a scalpel or smell antiseptic or watch your spouse doing a glucose check?

in my short time here, i have seen a lot of things being “added to the queue” either in jest or in reality. I’m bored with real life and want
to experiment with new things - any beta stuff that needs testing?

Should I bother with IAR stuff?

Anything cool out there in the world that I can shove into me? Preferably something that will freak the mundanes of the world. :slight_smile:

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Or alternatively bodybytes, a project currently being done on the Discord with a very very similar concept

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Totally! I get almost nostalgic when smelling the antiseptic at work (wasn’t in a studio for a very very long time - it’s been about 4 months, that’s close to unbearable!^^), and from time to time, I just tidy up my bodymod-box with all my scalpel blades, clamps, bandages and all the other stuff… just for the feel of it :smile:

Anything big and visible might qualify for that :wink: I’d have tons of bodmods to recommend for that use, but I’m currently out of ideas for “freakingly visible” biohacking-stuff…^^

There are other NFC LEDs than just fingernails.
I once saw a big blue disc with an NTAG213 (I think).

Maybe that’s something for you.

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I think you might mean this one?

Was pretty impressive, but I was a tad to nervous to try it out - no idea if Amal is still interested in converting this monster into an implant :wink:

Yes that.
i assumed it wouldn’t be too bad on the arm… wouldn’t put that on my hand tho’.

Arm, chest, maybe even legs - I still think it would, theoretically, make for a great implant. Thing is, I am very unsure about the metal-looking parts of it, like I said in the original thread… Contact to anything containing nickel leads to lots of funny things on my skin, and I would never risk implanting an unknown or unsafe metal into my body…

I’d implant radioactive material if amal makes it into an implant. But yeah I see how you might dont want to implant any old chinese tech product.

xGLO - Why was it discontinued?

I thought I was the only one - I have a very similar box in my desk drawer. Mine has gloves, scalpels, needles,razors, and pins. And it all needs organizing often.

Yes like that. That thing is gorgeous.

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I know I know. I still hope amal gives up and makes another batch. If not that, I hope a random dude on biohack.me makes some one beautiful day.

Message amal. He’ll say something like oh thats hard to do because it’s so thick, it’ll get bulky with several layers of polymer and idk how well it’s built and all that… but since DT is DT, it will work out.

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He does seem to like to tinker… I’ve noticed in the forums someone put an idea out and he will do just that, Maybe you got to catch him on a day when he has a few minutes of downtime, that might not be as common as of late

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zomg, i would so put this sucker into my arm with a white ink tattoo above it that says something funky.

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Send me a few of these and I’ll see if it’s possible to make into an implant


Why does it have to be tritium? There are, by now, safe and actually better alternatives - we just have to wait for “someone” ( :wink: ) to make an implant out of them… I’m still thinking about how to incorporate SuperLumiNova into something that can be implanted or injected…

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