I need lil help if anyone has minute or 2

I have this pro mark and idk what to do with it it’s a gift for my dad how do I program it

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This is a good place to start if you haven’t seen it already:


You have a cool dad :mechanical_arm: I told mine I wanted a Flipper zero for my birthday and he asked me why I still play with toys


10 CLS
50 END


Instructions unclear
Now have two babies
script assigned myself as Newdad
Permissions must have been incorrect


I’m having a little bit of problems I’m not sure Im understanding how this works I don’t know if it’s because the file can’t be found or ifi. Put it in right place :upside_down_face::joy: send help I love learning but with this one I may need lil more help then the average Joe

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Can you catch us up on how far you’ve made it so far? :slight_smile:


I have proxspace & winrar I don’t know what to do with them

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Well what I mean is do I make a file to put them in don’t move them lol when I try to open proxspace it can’t seam to find it

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Did you watch the video on the getting started page?

It will walk you through exactly what to do… but first off install WinRAR… then you can open the proxspace.7z file


Have you extracted the zip file yet?

I"ll tell you what I did:

I followed Amals guide (I’ve used others previously, but I liked Amals one better)
including copying Amals folder structure; I made a “working” folder in my C Drive
The reason being, if everybody does that it makes fault finding / trouble shooting much easier.

I extracted the Proxspace zip file to that, and continued with the guide step by step.

I did find Amals guide very thorough, but I saw that it can be overwhelming to newcomers.

So what I did was cut down on most of the “superfluous” information and made an abridged step by step guide, which you can find here

I have reccomended this a number of times, and haven’t had people come back asking for further assistance, so I’m assuming it is easy to follow.

I also prefix with:
If you have ANY errors, STOP what you are doing, come back here and update us here with the error you are getting and what step you are up to.
That will make it easier for us to help get you through to the next step

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thank you everyone I got it to work on a different pc lol my notebook was just not haveing I t all good I will get a newer one an should be fine things pretty cool I understand a lot more of it now an how to use it lol :joy: sadly I’m giveing it back to my dad as I wanna buy a bundle pack as he did I’m just going to teach him to use it :wink: I’m makeing him a cyborg:p


So now that the fun part is done I was asked a really good question can I read data on a chip implanted in a animal let’s say my dads dog

Pet chips are normally/ almost always a 134kHz , which is close enough to 125kHz, that your Proxmark will be able to read it.

So try your

lf search

if you can’t, feel the location of the chip (normally around the dogs “front shoulders”), you might want to try
lf tune
move the PM3 around until you find the largest voltage drop (best coupling), then send your
lf search

some delay commands, multiple commands might help you also