I want to install a sensing magnet myself


I would like to install a sensing magnet with me, myself and I as the technicians. I have no friends to do it, and cannot find a piercing place either. I have ample supplies, but 2 arms. What would be the best and safest way to do this. Thanks in advance for your reply saying it’s a bad idea. It was super helpful.

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This seems like a decent guide:

TTE did not do it himself, he had a friend assist.

Self installs are becoming less advocated,
That’s just where we are at the moment

Pretty much most are going to recommend exhausting ALL other avenues before recommending self install,

It’s not that “self install is stupid”

There are reasons why it’s advantageous to have a second person, who isn’t bleeding or in pain doing delicate and sterile field work

There was someone who recently did a self install we were all certain was going to go horribly bad,
Good news it didn’t, but most don’t want to be associated with something going really poorly even if the person says they “know the risks”


What is the desired location of the magnet?

Unfortunately I don’t have much to contribute in the way of guides but I’m planning on possibly getting a coworker that also happens to be working in a hospital (I believe in late med school) to consider doing it for me. I was wondering if there are any other guides that I may be able to show them if I can get them to go for it.

It’s a bad idea. (You’re welcome)

But I have done all my stuff myself. Mainly because I don’t wanna whimper and whine in front of a stranger.

My learnings:
1: it hurts a lot
2: your brain will argue with you all the way through it
3: it’s awkward to do
4: be prepared for failure
5: it hurts
6: at least make sure someone is around in case of a major screw up
7: ice, pmk, emla, tequila all very helpful
8: telling people you did it yourself creeps them out but makes you seem badass
9: once they are in, you will most likely regret placement, depth or alignment.
10 once you are done, you will probably feel the urge to do more and more.

Also, dumb idea.


Left ring finger; middle segment

The awkwardness is the most concerning part. I have lidocaine and experience with both pain and blood, but I am interested in the step by step. At some point I will have to cut, open and fill the pocket with 1 hand then apply a steri strip.

Just to clarify: are we talking about a Titan?
also, the suggested location imposes HEAVY bleeding.
Overall, my suggestion is

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Hasworths magnet. I would lightly cut off circulation for a bit as per tte’s video

Screenshot 2021-01-23 at 04.54.14
I’m a bit worried about the

aspect of the installation. Mainly because I have seen guys bleeding from that arteries going across the finger. Also there is a little space there for pocket, unlike at the fingertip so the chance of a fuck-up (technical term) is increased.

Fingertip might be a much better option for that magnet. AFAIR there is a larger for lifting and a smaller for ‘sensing’. I guess you are opting for a smaller.

Edit: did I mention the nerve running across the side of the finger? Boy, that’s like toothache in the hand, stabbing that with a needle.

i am awarding you one “internet debate won” award.
I am also going to do a fingertip install now



What research have you done on locating Pros or people to assist?

DT Installer map has closest here

The official stance is, of course, “always use a professional.”

It might be worth putting a call out on here and Discord to see if there is in theSan Fran, Bay area :-
Any installer recommendations ( have you rung around )
Have you approached any?

Any community members willing to assist, You may be able to reciprocate
Any contacts ( Friends/family ) of possible medical professionals to approach ( Paramedics, Military medics, Veterinarians, Doctors, Nurses )

As is usual, It is always better with somebody else than to go it solo :wink:

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I wouldent do it like Cody :grin: but i like the DIY Spirit of cody <3

Im not finding the Vid where a person built a chamber/shelter from some foil and stuff to get a “sterile” place to implant the magnet - i watched it years ago and just cant find it - i think it was a self install too

Being a griner MUST be fun-10


cool cody! thanks for finding that since its unlisted.

I have a scalpel, iodopovidone and sterile towels so I’m already better prepared. Did he keep it in? I faintly remember that gold plating isn’t good enough for magnets or something (and nobody will do my awesome iridium plating idea).

as i recall, he broke it while shoveling or something. still has tiny bits of it in his finger tho, i think

at least he still has all of his finger