I want to start my biohacking journey with using the NFC fingernails, but I don't know how to make it do things

Instead of just starting off with implanting a chip I want to start my biohacking venture with using the LED NFC fingernail stickers that are in the Dangerous Things shop. From what I could tell from reading about the product it works the same way as an implant chip only that it is put on the nail rather than into the skin. How do I make it do I make it do things like open an electronic door, be able to unlock my computer. Where do I go and how do I get started with coding or inputing these features into the chips. What do I need to buy or download. I am a total noobie.

First, read all the articles in the DT Info category… That should get you started on your understanding…

The NFC Leds don’t actually have a tag in them. They are just an LED so they cannot be used in NFC applications. They just light up when presented to an NFC reader.

If you want to just get started with playing around with NFC before you get an implant, buy some NFC tags off ebay or amazon. Just make sure they are NFC. They come in card, key fob and even sticker format. You can use your NFC enabled phone to read and write them.

Opening an electronic door requires some knowledge about what kind of lock/access control it is. There are many different types and most commercial access controls are not compatible with NFC tags. You may need a different type of tag depending on the reader. Also see Product Compatibility List

There is info on this forum about unlocking your computer with a tag.

as turbo2ltr said, those arent NFC chips, theyre just antenna that happen to be tuned to about 13.56 which have LEDs on them. They do nothing but light up.

Get some NFC tags to play with or an http://nfcring.com NFC Ring if you want it on your body.

but thats not really biohacking ;))

Thanks for sharing your biohacking journey. Glad to know about it.