Iamrobot stuff I got

Hey all - I just got my shine from IAR - how does it compare to DT stuff?

I know DT is the premier place to get stuff to shove into myself, but this one was a gift.


Also. Gummy bear bribery doesn’t hurt.

I guess I should be flattered about the appropriation of the “x” naming convention… but it still irks me a little hah

Also thanks for the recon :wink: I guess we need to get candy in our shipments now too! hahah


@mdanger be the cool house on the street and give out full size candy bars /s


Honestly, xLED > Xshine


No claims about sterile inside the glass (afaik), no epoxy, so overall a little riskier. But a free facemask, so that’s a plus.
Awesome gift!

Honestly, DT > IAR


In work we order from a company called thorlabs (optics supplier) and they send you lab snacks :wink:

Usually a selection of German sweets

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Is there any particular reason it was an x?
Well, you are industry-leading, so it was bound to happen at some point :stuck_out_tongue:



That is fucking awesome!
All Thermo Fisher sends us is an occasional complementary poster…


i checkd out their website.

i dont get it.

The German language is totally fucked up and seems like 1/1 coming out of a dirty hole from the Google Translator.

Then i wondered if its a non german company, what could explane that.

In the Imprint i read a fucking german adress.

They have a number there. i think i have to call them :smiley:

Chocolate from the USA :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

DT has cool stickers too an beautiful boxes :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

A fabric facemask ( you can wash them) with the DT or vivokey sign would be cool.


The stuff came from Germany - the as a gift from my cousin in Austria (not important)

actually - what i would LOVE as addins is stuff from my FAVORITE toy store Bobakhan in Everett, WA :slight_smile:

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At the bottom they have a bunch of newspaper articles how awesome implants are. no link to the articles.

i think they want it to look like the newspapers wrote about them, but im 99% sure if the articles exist that its not about them^

again, that all is not a link to the article.

very fishy


Thats the house where they re located^


That is another site run by the same person from the imprint


The review stuff at the bottom is also kind of shitty.

the top one is just a link to their fb page and the bottom one a link to the main page of micro payment, not to their subsite on micropayment or so, just their homepage so everyone could embedd that

I dont want to throw a lot of shit around. thats just my first impression of them…

they re propably legit, and just reselling some stuff they bought themself (aliexpress?)

All that is again just my first impression and guesses. i m an idiot & have no clue what im talking about

The most parts of the Website are written quite nice, some parts are akward to read

Like my english 4 example lol


chip-implants.com is their english version of their site. it doesn’t have the (-)shine is NOT listed on there.

on their facebook page, they have this

i am liking them more and more !:slight_smile:

and of course:

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wow you guys!


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I’d happily swap a bag of Haribo to customer services spongebob-nickelodeon


Lol no, they make their implants. There are some nice combos like xM1+xEM in 1 glassie, nothing you can just buy afaik. They use the same glass as DT. They even got into flex implants (their PAY1).


its propably all legit and fine^

im just a bit sceptical :smiley:

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