Iamrobot stuff I got

i got nothing better to do until i can get some multicolored shiny stuff from DT and a Titan and a injection of lido and a new kbr1(i broke the last one effing around) all in one order.

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i wouldn’t be so sure… I’m pretty certain they turnkey their stuff, even if it isn’t off the shelf. I seriously doubt they manage their own materials.

As far as I know this has not been tested, and a claim made off turnkey manufacturing isn’t any good because it can be swapped out at any time by the vendor, or mix-and-matched even in the same batch or lot… a big reason we don’t do turnkey.

hah yeah, their 'flexNExT" debacle if I recall… i don’t think any of them survived longer than a few months… they still offer them, but from what I gather they are still failing… dunno if they have solved the issues or not.


Funny thing, I remember something similar
They even copied that?
Just joking :stuck_out_tongue:
gets banned


Screams Deja Vu.
Almost same layout to DT, almost saying the same things in the chip descriptions. They have some Desfire Ev1 and other chips.
But x1, x2, x3, x4 tells me nothing about the chip.

But what they are missing there is a section of their testing, without that, they can say is Bio-Glass just because that’s what the Chinese seller said on their ad when he got a pack of 100 on a zip-log bag.

And a link to the documentations of the actual chips they are using in the description wouldn’t hurt.

I like the funny jokes approach with the Koala and the Chip slapped on a bloody head, kinda dark tho, but I guess it flies fine in Germany, idk. But would like to see a more serious side as well. As they r now, couldn’t trust to put them inside as I trust DT products.


Like this?

@LordSethos2000 That was a nice gift you received

Next time, You should drop a hint


Welp, I kniced a vein.

Chip in vein bad

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So I read. I didn’t proceed.

If you are tying to implant in you Lung, There are easier ways :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I hope it turns out alright


Oooh good idea, maybe google will help me lung it up,


Ok it’s in. I aimed better.

Also sped it up. Took about 2 minutes total poke to bandage.


Oh right… I forgot this wasn’t a DT

I wondered why the injector looked like shit but I wasn’t gunna ask


Yup very scummy feeling.
I’m ok with it, it worked, barely any pain at all. And once I stopped poking the vein barely any blood

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Emedia is from them - i have the article on my computer. This is a paper from Austria and tje piercer in Vienna sells the implants from iamrobot.

Sorry I don’t know how quoting works - special some differebt parts of a post:
The mask is so cool.

My first implant was from iamrobot - got in August 2017.

Payment from iamrobot: i know 2 persons who have them about a year without problems.
I saw this implants and thought: NO - i would never implant tjem - the coating look very scary

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What was scary about the coating? The fact that there is nothing over a expiry date is also a bit sketchy…but there is a blinky option xp

somehow i dont think that it would be so easy to find that out either. “high performance implantable bioelectric chip tag microchip certificate pet animal dog cat fish id syringe injector reader magic fun trick”.

I wish i was joking.

I assume this happened before, but what is the right way to proceed if this happens. just try again?

Have you looked at it? It’s a fat silicone thing cut with scissors.

I wonder if the soft silicone is better for the LEDs, because I guess they should also fail like in DT polymer (& epoxy).
Also, adding a blinky costs almost 200€ :rofl:

These a in

Good point. its definitly not as clean cut as the walletmor haha.

Sounds like a pretty good deal to me xD

If you consider buying a IAR PAY1 please just buy a DT conversion of the same chip, a vimpaygo. That’s what I did and I love it.
Or yes walletmor is probably even better.
I’m kinda sure you can convince amal to add a blinky to your vimpay, even tho it will fail.

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Can you Provide a photo of the packaging of the injector?

So we can read what is printed on it. And maybe a PIC of the injector too?