Iamrobot stuff I got

Whats the reason for failure with the leds?

already got a walletmor on order so no need haha

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And i watched a installer video from the iamrobot payment video. I don’t know the correct word, he hold the implant eith a pliers and put it in.
In the german group a person write that 3 implants from this piercer failed.

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This is just asking for problems.

Ah, thats definitly not a good sign.

We saw a IAR PAY fail after day 1 here on the forum. And that was installed by my installer so probably not an installation problem.

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Sure did! Hope it heals up well for you.

For other self installers, I suggest looking up how to locate veins using a tourniquet and feeling. I usually outline mine with a sharpie in the area of install.


I waited for it to stop bleeding while holding gauze on it. It was a minute or so, then I re-aimed to the left more.

I knew there was a chance. Second go round I added a turkeyneck.
Doesn’t show in the vid well but I have pretty pronounced veins. I am just not a very still fella


Keeping in mind it’s already in and it ain’t coming out

It was sealed in there with a vacuum seal.



the Bag is a Food vacuum bag, isnt it?

Same injector, same Sticker, 20 pcs 22$

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Mine is just an led. Most cats don’t need blinkeys :slight_smile:

yes. but im sure if i contact the company hey will make a bunch of led chips for me



I contacted them… lets wait :smiley:

Uhmmmm I notice the “fish” thing… do people actually implant fish? :eyes:
Edit: aaaaah they are used for migration studies… makes sense :sweat_smile:

Ya I was looking th other day when I was reading about the xbt- fish would be an odd one.

Why do you hate Sven so much…?

Ooh I could do a full body led implanted costume for Halloween as a stick figure for so cheap!


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Question… it was in a paper pouch right… it wasn’t just a syringe inside the food seal vacuum pack bag… right?

plastic bag(thin), → paper envelope, → plastic sealed baggie → this
weirdly, the kit didn’t have a drape - i had to use my own.

Wait so… the syringe wasn’t in a sterilization pouch? Sorry if I’m not getting it.

what is that?
The translator says curtain or cloaking lol

The blue thing…

It’s a sterile field for putting sterile things on and keeping everything sterile… if you put them onto the drape / field correctly that is.

Also helps keep blood from ruining your table :slight_smile:


plastic bag like a comic book bag
then a paper envelope
then a plastic sealed bubble baggie (like a pillow)
then the veggie bag.

oh man, after the vein knick it looked like i was doing a Carrie hand puppet show - blood and gore e’ery where.