Iamrobot stuff I got

On the Website it says


Eng. version


I don’t know, I have this chip since August 2017 - no problems.

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yes. but they re made that animals can have them without problem^

I have no clue but i think most of the animal chips are perfectly fine if sterilised well from the factory^

I was thinking about ordering a bunch of animal chips - 1$ per chip seems like a good deal :smiley:

E-Media - 09-2016.pdf (833.3 KB)

hopefully it will work, this is the E-Media paper about chipimplants (this was about iamrobot)

Parylene works fine AFAIK. It even has certain advantages (prevents migration), but that makes them harder to remove in case that becomes necessary.

Agree on that. :wink:

But yeah, nice read for sure… I can’t really judge the quality of the IAR implants, but to be honest, I have made some experiences with DT and I’m happy with it. Anti-Migration stuff might be a good idea for animals, but I wouldn’t like to get that implanted myself… but to each his own.

That makes me doubt the installers, honestly… even cutting edges of a “pure” silicone implant would be a bad idea (because of sharper edges), but a piercer that decides to just cut some edges of an implant “containing” something sounds pretty stupid…

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Maybe the Coating itself hadent flush edges/some blobs

and the installer wanted to get rid of the blobs?

i hope its clear what i mean :smiley:

my brain slowly shuts down

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Hmmm… in that case, I think it shouldn’t be installed at all :wink:
But yep, could be an explanation. Still not a good idea :stuck_out_tongue:

I totally understand you, don’t worry - getting tired as well…

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So he admits stealing the name schema hahaha.
Yeah but nice to hear it’s properly sterilized.

Wtf, I’d never allow my installer to cut my implants.

Totally, name and shame?

I am VERY happy with the support from DT. These folks are insanely professional and customer focused.

I am also very happy with responses from iar- very intelligent and calm seeing as we were just shitting all over him without him being able to defend himself - we made up a lot of hypotheticals

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Also go to a pro if you can.
Otherwise use vein finders or make your own.

Also regardless of pro or self install the skin should be palpated. Pinch and tent the skin whilst rolling skin between fingertips , you should be able to feel if there are any veins within the “tent”

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Do you actually think so? I’m quite surprised.

I have watched A LOT of his videos and interviews and he comes across as quite charismatic.
Just a couple of legitimatly random examples from you tube

I must say, while I recognize it’s very useful and beneficial for us customers - who are in a rather unique position of putting our health on the line when we “consume” the products of this particular cottage industry - this exercize of probing and dissecting a business on a competitor’s forum makes me very uncomfortable. That’s why I have refrained from chiming in so far. i have in the past here and I’ve regretted it to some extent for that reason.

I’m actually surprised Sven replied to the inquisitive email, and even agreed that it be posted here. I bet he must have winced a little though. I would have.

I can’t help but think this would never have happened if IAR ran some kind of open forum too where IAR customers can express themselves. I as a IAR customer and implantee have always thought the communication with IAR is rather static and stilted: it’s hard to know what you get, and it’s hard to get answers to legitimate questions. But maybe Sven doesn’t want to take the - no doubt considerable - extra time it takes to run a forum.

But hey, maybe we’ve been spoiled by Amal, who’s willing to discuss anything and everything about his products here - supply chain and product failures included. Precious few companies are willing to do that, understandably, and it’s not abnormal that IAR doesn’t after all.

Still, I feel this discussion should be taking place on a third party, “vendor-neutral” forum really. It is rather awkward that the de-factor open forum for anything biohacking where this thread finds a natural home is ran by IAR’s competitor in this instance.


I do. But really only because he is so down to earth and charismatic.
Kind of like watching Craig Ferguson. We all have a bit of awkward in us, that’s just how it goes.


Yeah unfortunately the alternatives seem rather deserted… I wonder why that is :sweat_smile:

It is the norm, but is it understandable, though? Especially in this industry, where the customer is potentially putting himself at risk?
I always appreciate transparency with any company I am dealing with, it shows they care and are honest, and I hate nothing more than those who want you “to request a quote”, or hide their datasheets/product range unless they can squeeze your personal data out if you, or worse, or sell “secret things” to LEO or similar (mind you, not talking about IAR, just venting ^^ - point is, transparency is important IMO).
Also I think its commendable that IAR responded,a and so quickly too

Yes and that’s why I keep coming back to DT for my implant needs - and I’m even happy to pay DT for stuff that doesn’t exists yet, which is saying something if you know me :slight_smile: Naturally. But you have to admit, the level of transparency from DT is rather unheard of.


Not gonna quote because I’ll respond to all of it.

I posted my original stuff here just as a conversation starter. I know it’s not DT specific but being a DT implantee, I wanted to compare them to the “others” out there.
The conversation got super deep because I added the word “thoughts?” To my original post. And that’s what got shared.

To be honest, you are absolutely spot on in its weird to do this on a competitors forum, it was me that facilitated that bit - I really wanted to hear his responses to some very intelligent questions as no one else would have the true answers we were after.

To your points about him responding, I reached out. It’s hard to watch an all out attack without the person of interest granted the opportunity to defend themselves.

He read the thread, responded to the accusatory feeling comments, and responded to me via email. In our conversation I asked permission to share his responses, having agreed, most likely due to the cringe factor of it all.

While I get that he technically is “the other guys” I would love to consider the company a great different view of the cyberworld we have been reborn into.

All in all, I learned a lot from both sides here. I am a better person for it!

I personally did not want to just get out my torch and pitchfork without hearing the man in the castles side of the story.

Don’t sweat it, it was done right. It’s just that the whole affair is really quite awkward.


Your implants may arrive in very similar packing, please don’t get them confused

If anybody is considering one of these implants shown in the 2nd image :tomato: , I would strongly recommend installing via the oral cavity rather than subdermally.

PREPARATION TO INSTALL (Safely and effectively)

  1. Prepare the work surface; A powdered wheat and Di-Hydrogen Oxide dough works well for this purpose.

  2. Remove implant from packaging.

  3. Puree the implant :tomato: and cover the dough with it. image

  4. Add any further implants as required :meat_on_bone: :poultry_leg: :cheese: :hot_pepper:

  5. Carry out the final sterilisation process prior to the installation phase by placing the implant into a preheated autoclave or similar for 10-15 mins :clock1:

  6. Remove the now sterile implant and allow to cool slightly before installing

If you find the FlexDisc too large

You can instead choose to install the smaller FlexWedge :pizza:


unnamed (65)

CONGRATS on your successful install

*Any swelling caused by the installation, should subside over time, but this will vary for each individual and also depending on the number of implants installed.


I totally agree with you (though I am happy this forum is very open to any kind of topic), but, like Axolotl said, there are few alternatives. The only other forum that goes mostly this direction is relatively deserted…
I mean, I even talk a lot about bodmod-related stuff here (though usually in the derail-thread), because even for this topic, there are few to no active forums available… that’s a total shame, but this, together with the generally extreme friendly and open nature of this forum, leads to people talking about everything remotely biohacking-related here. And I’m really happy that Amal allows this to happen and to make this somehow a mixture of a DT-company-and-customer-forum and a more general, open biohacking-forum.

Yep. Absolutely. I never ever saw a boss of a company be that open, down to earth and caring towards his customers, up to the point of developing crazy stuff just because we here asked a lot for it :wink:
I think as long as he keeps that great attitude up, Amal has no need to fear any competitors. We all know why we buy our stuff here :wink: