iCopy-X **looks like a proprietary piece of SHIT :Poop:**

it’s called “how to be a piece of shit tech company”


Given that the uk version isn’t locked, might be worth the long shot question

Could it do magic mifare commands? Guessing probably not… but who knows

yes it can write to gen1 magics

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It is basically a Proxmark3 with a small Linux computer attached as far as I can tell. So it can do anything a PM3 can.

Does anyone know if it can do anything that a Proxmark3 can’t do?

…is there anything 125khz/13.56mhz the proxmark can’t do?

I have yet to really come across anything I cant clone (Save for the obvious) with my proxmark3 I really just want the icopy for quick in the field cloning rather than pulling out my laptop. The iclass decoder has me intrigued as well, but damn they are awfully fucking proud of that thing with a 400 plus price tag.

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eh there’s a handful of domestic access control the proxmark can’t conquer but most of what’s common is hackable

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UK not US

Other Way round, the UK is locked and the EU is unlocked.

It’s really common with enterprise/business cloners to have some restrictions in place. The proxmarks/Icopy-xs has been making a big shift in the market against this however.

They offer both versions so they’re better than some other companies.

Detect, clone, emulate with buttons much more easily. It also stores the cards on the device and the firmware updating process is more straightforward and easy. You can still use a proxmark client on it however.

This is the main selling point, alongside ease of use overall.


Personally, it’s my go to for a carry around field tool. I have the Proxmark RDV4 + antenna packs for longer range stuff but having it with a built in batter (Similar to blueshark), makes it a nice all in one.
— Kai

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You have a link to this write up ?

If you reverse the steps/commands, you can create the cards.


ksec coming with the the absolute :fire:

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Well then armed with this github I am going to pull the trigger on buying one. Thank you so much for the wealth of information.

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I want to know how the hell they’re able to clone HID iClass SE cards with that there extension.

$$$$$ and Magic inside the purple box is my guess


Are there any photos of the other side of that box? It looks like a shelled-out HID reader.

Which is making me realize I’ve never used my PM3 to sniff between the card and reader. I wonder if I’ll get anything interesting off that…

@philidelphiaChickens its a downgrade attack that only works if the system accepts legacy cards. basically writing te equivalent data of an SE onto a legacy, the system doesnt care for either


thats basicaly what it is, a HID reader with an espkey, weaponised reader. youd need something similar to be able to pull it off with ap roxmark. except you can make it at home for ~80$


I was right! It’s totally just a shelled-out HID reader.

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I’m REALLY tempted to do this. D’you think I could pull it off with a PM3 Easy, or do I need to upgrade?