If anyone needs something made

hello to all

i now have 2 CNC machines and if can help anyone with some project i would like to
i don’t want to make money from this here i will just ask for the material cost and shipping

so if anybody wants something made

i have these 2 machine’s
the top one has a work space of

example for the meterials i can use on that machine
are alu - stainless steel - titanium - inconel - and al kinds of plastics

the bottom machine has a work space of around

but i don’t know the exact dimensions yet

and that machine is more for softer materials like plastics and alu copper etc

if i can help anybody with some project just let me know and we can see what we can make :slight_smile:


Awesome stuff, Cool “toys”

On behalf of the community, Thank you very much for such a generous offer.


That’s a pretty generous offer, and I’m sure I’ll be bugging you for some little odd or end at some point, I hope to figure out some way to make it worth your time before I ask for such

@simon_beer on the off chance you don’t have 3D printing let me know ( or anyone else in need)


just ask if you have an idea we can always look if the squeeze is worth the juice

and I do have a 3d printer it’s a Prusa mk3s with a mmu

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:raised_hand: Would it be possible to machine plate for intaglio print/embossing from either .tiff file or vectors?

that’s a kind of pressing a print right?

ehm i must look if my cam program will do that kind of files but it should be Convertable

and how big is the plate gonna be?

Yes, that is right!

4x5 inch pic on a slightly bigger plate., So maybe 120x150mm, and maybe 3mm thickness.

I tried etching the photo on a PCB board, but perhaps it needs to be a bit deeper.

… maybe there are too many fine details. I DM you the pic…

so i went to this machine

so they could explain to me something’s about the machine but then I noticed what they all had to do to get it to even start up and i went looking some further and noticed a lot of problems so I am not going to buy that machine the other machine is still good :smiley:

ah okey that wil be no problem :slight_smile: and then i need to see whare i find the material

Payday fairy is on its way :heart_eyes: so you are free to explore materials.
Copper or brass is generally used as plates, because they easy to etch, but I have an open mindset. Maybe plastic or titanium :open_mouth:, I’m sure you’ll find something.

ah nice yeah just tell me what works best for you i can get al of those haha

brass would be good its nice to machine aswel

Oh my god mate. This is absolutely amazing. I might actually hit you up once I’ve moved to Europe. This is amazing. Leaving comment to remember

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whare to europe are you moving if i may ask ?

Netherlands. Studying ochem there (if covid doesn’t stop flights again)

really thats close to me if you mean lochem i live in almelo

or do you mean something else with ochem ? :stuck_out_tongue:


No I mean I’m gonna be studying organic chemistry at TU/e

nice stil close thought its within 2 hours from me

FYI, this might work better for you


whooo my machine has arrived :smiley:

and it already runs :smiley: now i jusst need to get some tools for this machine and then i can make some real chips :smiley: