IKEA Rothult lock

So I saw some previous forum posts about this RFID cabinet lock that IKEA sells. I’m considering getting one to either lock a cabinet or maybe build a QuickSafe Vent clone.

I saw a post on one of those discussions (i can’t find it) saying that it doesn’t work well with X series tags due to range. My first question is, will it work at all with an X series implant through a 0.75 inch thick particle board cabinet panel? It will be fine if it takes practice to find the sweet spot, but has anyone at least have success doing that?

My second question is, will it work with xNT or xNeXT? In the compatibility matrix, it says yes for xM1 but it is blank for xNT. Also, in the manual (page 4), it says “Extra card (for ex. library card, membership card and public transport card) and smartphone supporting NFC/RFID might be possible to use as a key”. It says “possible” which means it might or might not work with other 13.56 MHz tags.

Highly unlikely. Even an ACR122U doesn’t read an x-series from that far.

EDIT: on second thought, I seem to recall seeing a video of someone opening their cabinet through the wood somewhere on Youtube with an implant. So maybe… Let me do some searching.

EDIT2: this guy seems to be having difficulties getting the thing to react 1/4" away:

He even says “the antenna is weak”.


Here’s a range test from our very own JennyMcLane:

Probably. Those things are UID-based. They don’t really care what the chip is so long as it returns a UID. Unless I’m much mistaken and the Rothult is specifically Mifare Classic, but that’s not my understanding.

You might ( I stress, might ) be able to hollow out a 1/2" of that particle board so that the lock only has to read through 1/4" of particle board.

The design of your cabinet will determine how successful it is.

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The vent safe ( Original is LF )
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Yeah, I’m thinking about doing that. I saw photos of it taken apart and it doesn’t look too difficult to take the antenna board off and put it between the cabinet board. I was just wondering if it would be necessary. Or make a custom antenna

You can actually solder some coax cable to the pins and take the antenna out.


Thank you guys for sharing your review videos.
I bought the one IKEA - ROTHULT Smart lock, white Length: 8.2 cm last month.


I would definitely recommend buying. Or if you don’t like it you can easily return after 15 days of the trial period according to Ikea return policy. It is worth buying in that price range.

This lock works with the Next. But in a very very short range. Something in between the implant and lock then you don‘t get a read. That’s my experience.

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Perhaps with a flex implant. It is useless with x-series, and for that it is not recommended to buy.

Hi all, not sure if this is duplicating work others have already done but I have tested with my Rothult and XSIID and found very low read distance - essentially need to remove plastic cover and place chip directly on antenna to read at all. Unless you’re planning using it in a way that allows for having the antenna fully exposed (e.g. mounted bare on underside of table with extended coax cable as per @iahimsogard’s post above) I don’t really see how it has a practical use.

I use it with a flexie.

Antenna cables were extended and the antenna PCB was glued to the outside.

It also works with my xseries but its kind of a pain in the ass and takes like 20-60 seconds every time

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