Ikea Rothult pulling force

Anybody has an Ikea Rothult deadbolt? I’m thinking of getting one and repurposing it to turn a somewhat stiff springlock’s thumbturn. Only I have a feeling the motor in that thing is rather weak, since it’s not mean to pull or push anything. And the plastic gears in the reduction geartrain look rather easy to strip.

If you have one, can you give me an idea of the force the deadbolt can exert?


I know @Vicarious has played with one, maybe they can help?

Little youtube video here: RFID Drawer Lock - compatible?

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This clearly doesn’t answer the pulling force, but as good a place for this video as any!?

xM1 vs IKEA Rothult draw lock

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So how long do those batteries last?
Can’t imagine very long if it’s a constant field, but I’m not seeing how you “activate it”

No, like just about any NFC transmitter it won’t transmit continuously until it sees a tag. The transmitter just polls at regular intervals, typically every second or so looking for tags. Ikea spec 17 months of 3 open/closures a day. This will obviously depend on battery capacity and temperature.

For what its worth, I work at Ikea, and here’s what I found for mechanical requirements:



Wow thanks Wendysighs! Exactly what I was after.

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BUMP :fist_left:I_㋡_┌

This device would be ideal candidate to test my Chip + Magnet Combo.