I'm making a game alone and it's hard (but also great)

I just set up the pre-registration on google play, you should be able to go to the app’s page and “Add to wishlist”. This will send you a notification and install the game as soon as it releases :grin:

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A reason to not do that would come from gameplay audience.

The personality type that enjoys maintenance is attracted by games such as Don’t Starve, which leverage stress to keep the gameplay zone curve.

Hoome strikes me more as a gameplay that feeds on relaxation instead. Thus game elements that generate stress might put your public off.

There’s a difference between “giving an incentive to stay active” and “punishing players from being abscent”.

One of the factors that drive players to forget about a game like this is when they reach a level where the rate through which they get income is too slow for their advancement…
Which leads to a point where the game becomes “logging in just for maintenance” for most of the days.

Eventually a portion of your players will stop playing, but they will also end up checking the game again a couple of times before quitting for good.

A common practice to leverage that in your favour is to allow players to accumulate resources while they are away.
That way, when they come back to check on the game again, they’ll have a lot of resources, thus able to do more than they used to do when they left, so renewing their “in the zone” feeling.

If you remove resources, then when players log back they will feel even less able than before, so probably quitting for good.

A common and efficient practice is to use “events” to do most of the money accumulation.

For example:

  • you calculate that a good ratio to gain money is by receiving 300 schmeckles per hour of downtown work.
  • so you actually set downtown work to 100 schmeckles/hour.
  • but you make sure that every week there’s a different event which increases 1 of the jobs available to 500 schmeckles/hour for 4 days.

Then you do a similar approach to everything else…
So which events come in when is what lets you adjust it.

The main differential is that:

  • “I want to log in because I can make a lot more money today” is positive reinforcement, which has good side effects.


  • “I need to log in otherwise I lose money” is negative reinforcement, which has bas side effects, ultimately driving your users away. (Unless you capitalize in sunken cost falacy… but a relaxing game as Hooome doesn’t feel like a good candidate for that)

:point_up: Great advice as usual

I wouldn’t have thought of all those points @Eyeux mentioned, but as I read them, i was in total agreement


But i want to go build my hooome now :cry: (is there a beta? i love the art style of the game and would love to give it a go in its buggy goodness)

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You should be able to select “join beta” on the store page. But that’s very early stuff, not much is balanced and your save will probably not be compatible with upcoming updates.

Yeah agreed with mosylt of your points

Currently the things that keeps going when you’re away are the crafting/growing and job timers. So if you come back after a while everything will be finished :seedling:

I do have recurring tasks already setup. Daily, weekly, monthly and annual so in the begging I will probably play around with these. :spiral_calendar:

Robot Hooomie is interesting to design… Many more iterrations needed
Also looking for a better 4-5 letter name than Robo.

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I haven’t been paying much attention to this thread but that caught my eye. I might end up playing this game TBH.


Haha this is part of Achievements Life and is already released: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.AzApps.AchievementsLife
Have fun!
The game the thread is about is Hooome which is under construction but in the mean time I’ve finished a couple other projects including:
Tiny Space Industries
Lazy Laser


I was going to say this exact thing.

If I left for awhile due to life and came back to no resources due to my absence, I’d definitely quit the game.

Lots of good feedback/points made. Well done. :partying_face:


Don’t worry, the only things that will change while out of the game are the timers for crafting/growing/cooking and jobs. And I recently added coffee plants and coffee beans for hooome made coffee :grin:

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Nailed it. I finalized the design and called it Borg. Borg will be one of the playable Hooomies and then there’s an NPC in the same style called Chip

In case you were wondering this is what my character sprite sheets look like. All handcrafted on Aseprite for every single character :sweat_smile:

Oh and let me know which one is your favorite. It’s not decided yet which one is playable and which one is the npc…
I’m also not super happy with the name Chip. To me the second one has angel vibes. Is there a name that mixes angel and robot themes?

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I wanted to be a game developer when I was younger. I really tried to learn but jeez was it a learning curve. I applaud anybody who’s able to commit to it.

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Try it as a hobby :wink: start small, like very small. I started on graphic calculators, coding flappy bird in Basic

:thinking: trying to think of different angel levels, like Cherub, seraph. Arch etc.
in 4 letters?

in 5 letters?

in 6 letters?

For what its worth I actually like Chip

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You’re probably right Chip is simpler and cute. Chip it is!

Also, new news from Tiny Space! (I know multiple games in a single thread might be confusing but I don’t wanna flood the forum with my shameless self-promo threads :sweat_smile: one is enough!)
A friend of mine and youtuber Jusup11 made 3 ads for Tiny Space! I published all of them on Google Ads and will probably do the same with TikTok for 2 months or so.
Anyway, here they are, what do you think? We were hoping to create something less flashy and clickbaity and more personal and authentic.

Oh, the last one
No no no…
steven-universe-nope (1)

Huh? Why? The last one was a bonus one he threw in there. I thought it was fun and different :man_shrugging: more fitting for TikTok probably

cooooffeeeeee!!! :woman_zombie:

Damn right! :joy:

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The problem with Ads that start with “Are you tired of ads that don’t look anything like the real game” is that that Ad formula was invented BY the games whose ads look nothing like the actual game!

So that sentence makes me immediately assume the game doesn’t look anything like it, thus putting me off the game.

Maybe yours will be the first ad saying that which does look like the game it promotes! :sweat_smile:
(And I’ve seen loads of games with those ads. none actually look like it. Some even go to the extent of making a fake new google play icon and injecting the game the ad showcases as a single special “level”…)


Second ad is nice! Traditional but works, and the sound matches the feel.

The third one is SOOOO cheesy it actually made me giggle!
Like… you intentionally broke the ceiling of cheesyness from most app ads! and that, mostly seen from an ironic point of view, makes it memorable!

I’m still a fan of just showing the gameplay with the actual music…
No actors are needed for a good product!
But then again, I can think for myself… and most ads target people who need that “herd mentality push”… so I get where those ads are aiming at! :sweat_smile:

Except for the first one, whose formula is starting to backfire already.

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