I'm making a game alone and it's hard (but also great)

Unfortunately theres no option other than subscibe for updates. No worries.

Yes sorry for that. I realized that enabling pre-registration seems to have made the beta unavailable :thinking:

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Tiny Space got an update with some cool new ships, animations and more :grin: also if you’re playing remember to leave a rating


Is that a helicopter in your living room?
It’s been a while since the last Hooome update so here is some news:
I’ve finalized the vehicle system. They give you quick access to shop you’ve already visited! They have tiers like: local, urban, international… that determine what they can access.

As you can see I’ve also been working on finalizing the UI with a bunch of newly decorated popup windows:

I added a brand new crafting system based on recipes which allows for more complex crafting, farming and cooking, and whatever other type of combining items.

I re-worked the mission system too

There’s also a better introduction to the game with an npc interaction and a summarized handbook

Finally, I’ve added multiple buildings and shops to downtown as well as items that I won’t spoil yet :shushing_face: Speaking of which what do you want to see in your Hooome? Furniture, hats, vehicles, food, items…


No update for a while…


I thought you and others may find this interesting.
I did, especially the optimization techniques that were used

Also, I can move this to the derail thread if you want

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I’m spending 2 weeks away so there isn’t much to update you on for now… except Tiny Space just got over 20,000 downloads which is pretty cool (on my birthday)!

Nah, this is cool :wink:


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Thanks! I don’t know how viable this is in the long term but I’m definitely enjoying it and learning a lot!


First off, mad respect to you for taking the plunge and pursuing your passion project! The concept for Hooome sounds absolutely delightful - combining idle, life-sim, and pet-care with pixel-art? That’s a winning combo right there!


Thank you so much!!
I’ll take the opportunity to update you all on all the things going on in this thread since it has been a while.

Lazy Laser currently stands at 14k downloads and Tiny Space Industries at 23k but sadly now that I’ve stopped the Ad campaigns there’s barely any growth (no ads = no exposure on google play, it’s pay to win in that sense).
The “Achievements” series that barely got any promo is doing a humble 1k downloads with not much to say about it other than reception was good and it was a fun little side-project.
The monthly revenue from all combined is approximately equivalent to a Netflix subscription :sweat_smile:

I got some decent progress on Hooome until June. Most of the game is figured out although I’m not a big fan of the multiplayer implementation and am considering removing it altogether (at least for now). Other than that it’s a matter of adding content mostly.
But since June the focus has been shifted to a couple other things:

  • I’m looking for a gameplay programmer (or similar) job because my planned years of indie dev has come to en end.
  • The ZINC app has been taking 99% of my coding time to get things working in time and of course, the PICOs have been a big endeavor.

My plans from now on are to move to another country with a stable and hopefully fulfilling job that will allow me to work on ZINC and Hooome in my spare time and finance projects like the Lodestones.
I might reinvest the little revenue from Tiny Space into ad campaigns to hopefully build an exponential loop over time.
There might be an update or two to Tiny Space and it’s possible that I publish it to IOS since I now have an old Mac Mini to do so.

I had no expectations going into this and honestly, I’m both happy and slightly disillusioned. I’m super proud of the games and apps I was able to push in such a limited time. I learned a lot and definitely gained some confidence. I think focusing on shorter-term projects was a good idea as something like Hooome might not have been finished in just one year, leaving me with a year of nothing and a lot of pressure.
The negatives were as expected mostly in the promotional and publishing aspect. I made the assumption that mobile was the easy platform for an indie to publish on but it is so saturated by big companies posting 10 shit-games a week with enormous budgets that there is no place for projects without a marketing team. It’s entirely a pay-to-win environment where you straight-up buy downloads from Google in the form of advertisement and if you don’t your game will not even be referenced in the store. As for growing a community online to kickstart your game, that’s not gonna happen unless you’re a very popular person and already have a following.


Now, onto promotion - it’s tricky, especially in the sea of content out there. But remember, it’s all about reaching the right audience. A niche, dedicated community can often be more valuable than a larger, disengaged one. Regular engagement on platforms is key. Don’t get discouraged by initial low views; even the biggest creators started there.
By the way, have you considered exploring in-game monetization strategies? There are some games like cash pay real money. This kind of monetization can attract a segment of users who are looking for both fun and potential rewards.

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Any more updates?



I’m not doing that

I’m not doing that either, maybe?

Lazy Laser is at 14K downloads and TSI is at 26K both have a slow but organic growth with no ads.
Tiny space industries is done. Not that I couldn’t add more but it’s at a good stage of completion where I can move on to other things.
And move on I did. I made an open source alternative app for Super73 bikes which ranked first in the transportation category when it launched. It’s not monetized, just a little tool for my every day convenience that I made public.

I also started work on ZINC at some point in this timeline, which you know all about.

Professionally, my year of self development and game development has come to an end and it made me realize a couple things:

I don’t want an office job with a boss over my head anymore. It crushes my creativity and puts me in an environment I don’t feel happy in. Game dev was, is and will remain my hobby where I can do whatever the fuck I want :art:

So I launched my very own clothing brand. It is inspired by the stories I write and photos I take as part of an imaginary world called the Abyss. I’ve been building that world for years and always wanted to share it more.
I’m currently selling online and at a clothing shop here in Martinique but I’ve been actively looking for a place to open my own concept store wirh my brand as well as some cool accessories and gadgets (dt stuff?) that fit the adventurous theme.

As for Hooome: I currently dedicate the little spare time I have to ZINC but as soon as the shop is open and I find stability in my life then I will be returning to my hobby and most likely be working on it. Without any financial pressure or deadlines this time :crossed_fingers:


Great update, thanks for sharing.

Sounds like a pretty laid back yet productive
tropical island lifestyle.

Lucky you


That’s the argument for staying here. But I’m still torn between this and the comfort of a big city. Spending your 20s in a remote area is a tough choice to make.
I’m still in a position where I can decide to move back to France and open my shop there :face_with_spiral_eyes:


I guess that’s it for Achievements: Adult edition :skull:
It’s too steamy for Google’s uptight censorship and I’m tired of re-uploading it so yeah I think they will take it down soon.

If you have it already don’t uninstall it and if you don’t you can always ask me for the apk and I’ll post it somewhere.

Anyway RIP and f* Google :mechanical_arm:


Super dumb they don’t tell you what word(s)

I thought you did a good job of softening it up [is there a Pun there?]

Banned by Google? = had to have it! For now it’s still downloadable on Google Play.


I bought my first android phone recently just to explore RFID tech from that platform. Because of that you might be tickled to know that I currently have more apps by you on it than by any other developer! :sunglasses::+1: