Im new on biohacking, need some elucidations

Hi, I’m a computer science student and I’ve been interested in microchips for a while. I finally bought some to test and start working on them. I live in Brazil and access to tags and readers was easy, but my microchip had to be imported from China. I took the product that had the most positive reviews with customer photos, I decided to buy 2 syringes with NTAG21 6 microchips to be able to study and implant them in me.

I bought a rfid reader for arduino that came with a card and an nfc tag.
I used the NFC Tools app to check what was inside all the nfc chips, I’ll send a print so maybe u guys could clarify me what I can do with them.

A doubt I have is if with the arduino reader I will be able to execute the same functionalities present in proxmark3 somehow. My condo has an NFC input and I activated the blue tag quietly on it, but I couldn’t do it with the microchip, would it be possible to clone the blue tag and overwrite it on the microchip?

Another question i have, is about where could i implant it, could i insert it right on my index fingerprint? i think about unlocking my phone with it but between the thumb and index doesn’t seem to be very practical, i know about the root stuff for unlocking with it, but im thinking about dealing with unlocking phone in the future.

The first screens are my white card followed by my blue tag. and the next one is one of the 2 microchips i got. Could i clone the tag to the microchip?

The microchip have a “teste” that i wrote. and the 2 unknown tags that came with the arduino reader dont have anything inside the NDEF tab.

this is the pre-requisites for the condo gate to function with the tag.

Strong suggestion to not implant stuff from China in you

The method they are shipping to you is not sterile,
The materials they use are not known and could be toxic
Often the glass is flame sealed, which results in not being fully sealed, or can leave stress in the glass making it more brittle

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yes I am aware of all this, anyway I will need to sterilize it again for having opened the syringe, I am crushing it with my fingers frequently to make sure of the chip resistance. And buying a chip more expensive than I paid for is completely unfeasible for me.

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I’d personally avoid implanting chinese chips of unknown quality and stick to the ones that Dangerous Things sells. Safety is very important when you’re putting things under your skin.

And saving up for a safe chip is cheaper than a nasty infection or heavy metal poisoning…

According to the screenshots that you posted, both the card and the fob are Mifare classic 1K chips so you’d be looking at the xM1 or flexM1 implants if you want to clone those as the NTAG216 chip can not emulate them. However, you might be able to convince whoever manages the access control system to try to enroll the NTAG chips but keep in mind that this might not work.

That’s not recomended; read this post on the subject:


The Xm1 which was suggested is 120$

A serious infection from poorly sterilized or toxic implants will cost exponentially more

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So basically, i could have a ntag216 in one hand and a xM1 in another and with only these 2 i could emulate the great majority of tags? could i do this all only using the NFCTool PRO app with my phone or i need another reader?

You would be lacking the ability to emulate 125kz tags

I would recommend xm1 in addition to a NExT which does ntag216 and a t5577

It’s also worth mentioning, most of the time you can only have 1 UID per chip,

So if you are unable to enroll chips and you have 2 different systems than use mifare classic, you would need 2 seperate chips

I have multiple 125khz chips, because I have multiple different 125khz systems that I do not have admin assistance from

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i plan to get high quality stuff if all this research goes well. I want a LED with it but i need to keep these for now because one from the US would be twice as expensive where i live.

If you want to test and experiment with the cheap Chinese tags, go for it… I have a drawer full of random glass tags, stickers, rings etc

But I’m recommending you only implant stuff from dangerous things

It’s your life, I can only give you advice, but I’d hate to see financial impatience cause harm

I’d also hate to see the bio hacker community get a black eye because of shady knock offs causing harm


I didn’t understand this part, you say that if I have a mifare with an ID I can’t use it on two mifare systems?

i thought the system would read the ID and allow the acess the same way the other system would do. unless its from another type of tags right?

Think of it like a metal key

Your metal key can have only 1 “code” on it

If you can change or install locks on doors that will accept the code on your metal key, you can use that key on a lot of doors

But if you can’t change the lock on a door because you don’t own it or have control of it, all you could do is try to make your key match that door

If there are 2 different doors you can’t change the locks on, there is no way to open both with one metal key

This make sense?

In the same sense, the implant can only have one code on it,

The Xm1 can have its code changed to match a door if needed, but it can still only act like 1 code at a time

it makes sense if the code u need to unlock the door is written inside the chip.

my gate seems to only read the id and thats all. so if i have another gate that only read the id i think it would work in both of them.

i simply write a youtube link to open a video in the blue tag and it kept opening the gate, i changed the video to plain text and it also kept opening the gate. I can open the gate and pass the tag on the cell phone to open a video at the same time.

As long as all the systems you need to unlock use the same code or uid, your good to go

In my case

My safe, my workplace, my apt all use different codes

So I needed multiple chips, this is what I wanted you to understand before getting into it

It’s also important to point out. The ntag216 you have, cannot change it’s code or uid… it’s permanent… you can only change the data in it, but it’s uid stays constant

Uid and payload are different
The payload would be the YouTube link you’ve written in ndef

So if you are not capable of having new tags added to the system, those implants will not work

got it. so, thats what i meant with having both ntag216 and a mifare, i think i would be able to interact with most of the systems right? i dont care for low frequencies, only 13MH

about the payloads, i can write different things in each sector or something like that? maybe both my documents number and a link to linkedin or something? or it will always be a single code that can be only readed all at once? then i would need a whole script for sending more than a command to a phone for example?

That gets towards the edge of my experience

You can write more than 1 thing into the ndef

For example, you could have 3 url links and a phone number

When scanned it will spit out all 4 things to a phone at the same time, assuming the reading phone supports all written ndef data
(Some phones limit what it will read)

Mifare is significantly more common for access control but it’s not compatible with all phones.

Give NFC Tools a try, it allows you to write multiple NDEF records to one tag. But keep in mind that Android will only open the first record by default unless this record is in good old plain text.

Interesting, IPhone will hit me with multiple notifications of all accepted ndef… I suppose that’s one better thing for iPhone, making up for the decreased ndef formats