Implant in foot: practical problem

haha amazing :wink:

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Put the antenna under one of those desk foot rest things and every time you sit down it unlocks

also, what is that antenna/reader?

That’s the plan. That and a reader as a door mat to unlock my front door. And a reader under the bumper of my car, to unlock it when I’m carrying the groceries, and (if it works, I haven’t tried yet) an xAC antenna under the gas pedal to start it up. Look Ma, no hands!


Very cool concept come to life. :foot: :signal_strength:
Nice work @anon3825968

I made a little inclined stand for one of my long-range readers in the company’s workshop this morning, so I can present my foot comfortably to the reader when it’s under my desk at work:

And now I can do magic tricks at the office:



:foot: = :+1:

@leumas95 time to update implant sutra?

I gotta say, as unusual as it is, I love this idea :smile:

Dude, it’s magic :slight_smile:



:rofl: :rofl:

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Damn, I’ve been using that setup since this morning, and it SO beats a tabletop reader with a hand implant! I can’t wait to stick a reader in the car.

How thick is your desk surface? Just wondering if it would read through my bamboo desk :thinking: :smirk:

My desk is a little over 1/2" thick. Matter of fact, a while ago, I tried to stick one of them readers under the desk, and it could read my EM4305 through the table and through my hand without any problem - provided I put my hand nice and flat on the desk. That too beats the ole ACR122U any day. I imagine those who will dare to implant the FlexNext or FlexMT will experience the same level of convenience with conventional USB readers.

Still, the foot placement still beats a hand implant for convenience by a country mile if the reader isn’t fixed at hip level, such as wall readers. I can’t believe I didn’t do this one sooner…

I have a sit/stand desk so the foot rest wouldnt be as convenient for be as something that would move with my desk when attached to the underside. My desk is about 20mm, so around 50mm from the underside of the desk to where my implant is in my hand.

Yeah my desk has motors to raise it up to standing height. But I don’t know, working while standing just ain’t for me. I hate it. I keep trying, because my boss keeps telling me it’s so good for the back, but after 5 minutes, I lower it back down.

Standing on flat ground get uncomfortable for a long time. I spent the last 5 months at a previous job never sitting down. That from 7 in the morning to 6 in the evening 4 days a week.
Other than lunch of course, that is if I got time for lunch… :expressionless:

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You could mount one of those under the floor boards. Doubt the boss would be understanding, but at home?

Put it outside your front door, and you could fix it up to unlock the door, turn the lights on dim, a little soft mood music and the fridge pours you a glass of wine.

This would seriously freak out or impress a date. And then you’d know if she was a keeper.

Seriously, put one in every door way with timed instructions. Front door in the A.M., lights off. Front door in the P.M. Lights on. Bathroom door in the middle of the night, lights on softly.


I worked for 3 years as a gunsmith. I was on my feet 8 hours a day. But that was different: when you work in a workshop, you keep moving around, walking from one machine to the other, shifting your weight from one foot to the other. It was never tiring.

But here I’m a desk jockey - meaning when I raise the table, I stand but I ain’t moving. Kind of like standing in line at the store. It’s really not very nice.

My boss has some kind of a half ball that he inflates and balances on while he works. It seems like a solution to a problem that needn’t exist to me. The good lord gave us a butt that chairs were designed for for a reason.

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That’s the plan :slight_smile: I rent my current house, so no modification to the floor or anything. But I’ll turn one of my readers into a smart doormat.

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