Stacking NFC tags for multiple things

The coils do not need to run perpendicular to the reader when they are flat plane spirals… that is only required of cylindrical wound coils like what’s inside the glass tubes. These will perform flat to flat as they have been designed to do.

The performance is still going to be vastly different due to the size difference though. For example, you will definitely not be able to read this through the hand with an ACR122U.

I’m going to get some to tinker with. If they are small enough to be encapsulated and fit into an incision made by our 4G needle, then it might be viable. I don’t think the round shape will make it easy though… the flex’s wedge shape is what makes it easy to insert into the needle incision, and this will be like trying to stuff a whole round pie into your crescent shaped pie hole…

… possible, but not pretty.


Well you would know better than I if they need to be perpendicular or not :stuck_out_tongue: I was getting really inconsistent/bad reads not having them perfectly flat, but they were registering from an inch or 2 away which I thought was cool, assumed cause they’re so small they’d have to be right up against the reader.

One thing I will also say if you like these but don’t want to do the insert, I’ve STILL got the LED stuck to the same spot on my hand and it still works. I got a full night’s sleep with it on using its supplied intergrated sticky pad. I think that’s pretty cool. Sadly the data tag didn’t last and after it fell off overnight it wouldn’t stick to anything anymore.

Oh my apologies this is what I was meaning by “perpendicular”…like the flat back of my phone was against the flat top of the coil

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If I may ask what do you even plan to do with those? My family keep asking one great question of me lol
“Ok so if you get the implant…then what? It’s a lot of money and risk just to be able to load a YouTube video or a document or photo”
And I just don’t have a consistent good answer lol.

I should leave that for @Rosco to answer, but what he plans on installing is just Flex versions of other implants, so he will be getting, increased range and performance to use them with what most people use them for , plus I imagine, some special @rosco projects…Seriously, just read through some of Roscos posts, he has created and test many ingenious integrations of implants meet [insert thing here]

Actually an understandable question, but not hard to answer, if I had more time today I would start listing things for you.
Any implant is FAR MORE capable than a Rick Rolling prank gimmick, just look through these forums.
The limitations are more at the user end.

Even something that you would see and just think, why don’t you just use a key?

Thats why!

Or something you see and think, “what’s the point?”
“Why did you waste your time?”
or even just, “think why???”
another “simple” example.
@ODaily magic tool box… just use a key!!!
with the exception of above about keys.
How about the many learnings and experiences he got from making the project, that has transferable skills, that he and others (because he shared his journey) can learn from, including, lessons learnt, what to do next time.
That one project, spun another project, very similar with a different twist on another tool box.
The same info was used in “unrelated” projects, with garage doors etc.

Any way out of time… but The Apex is just around the corner and there is a whole bunch of OTHER capabilities, check out the Vivokey site for some more answers there, plus I imagine there will be more people answering you below my post here.

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Good question.

For me, implants are all about functionality. So maybe I can tell you what I do with the implants I currently have, and what I plan on doing with the ones I’ll implant in two months, so you have a few use cases to argue your own case:

  • Glass M1k (not DT, but equivalent to a xM1) in my left hand: unlocks my front door, unlocks my tool shed in the garden, unlocks my locker at work, logs me into my home computer.

  • xEM in my left hand (configured as an Indala 224 bits): lets me in the building at work.

  • EM4305 in my right hand: opens my car - soon will start the car too, when I get around to busting the security bolt that holds the ignition cylinder :slight_smile:, lets me in my company’s corporate office building in Belgium (can’t show you that, the site is sensitive)… Used to let me in my previous company’s office building.

  • xEM in my right foot: logs in into my work computer. Soon will open the door of the warehouse at work (useful when my hands are full of boxes) and will open my minivan’s back doors with a reader under the bumper (same thing, for when I hands are full of groceries).

  • xBT in my chest: simpler and faster way to take my temperature. It’s also the test bed for a sports and medical product I’m developing (battery powered reader that samples the wearer’s body temperature continuously and correlates it with heartrate, power and such). Marginally useful if I’m ever lost and I can’t remember my name as I registered myself on a few lost pets databases for shits and giggles :slight_smile: Unlikely, but who knows…

As for the 3 upcoming implants I don’t have yet:

  • FlexM1 in my right hand: will be a bit easier to trigger the Yale Doorman locks on my front door and shed. The glass implant works, but it’s a bit finicky. Also, I’m hoping it’ll wake up this door handle product which I’m interested in installing on my office door and on the bike shed’s door at work.

  • FlexEM in my back: will turn on the TV and the ambient light when I slump in my sofa (reader in the cushion) and turn them off when I get in bed (reader in the mattress). Pure laziness function here :slight_smile: Also will log me into my work computer (reader in the back of my office chair).

  • FlexNExT in my right wrist: will be used to share data with people with some decorum (blinkies). Pure show-off function here, but if the implant proves resilient long-term, I’m considering tattooing a prominent NFC logo on top of it - maybe with some kind of “scan here” text or logo - to get an ER crew to scan it and get my medical details if I’m ever in an accident and I’m unconscious. Also, I’m hoping to turn it into a funky body-worn “data terminal” of sorts, that blinks out the time, alerts and short messages in Morse code, with a computer-controlled induction coil worn under my wrist.

Finally - and that’s important for me - the implants let me explore new ideas to interface with electronics and give me a good excuse to hack things around, which I love doing.

Crucially, I still look like a perfectly normal and sane individual, and what I do doesn’t offend or annoy anybody. So ultimately, after I’m done explaining how my implants are useful to me and bring me fun, if someone still doesn’t see the point, what I choose to put under my skin with my own money to do what I want is my own affair.

I hope the above will give you a few arguments to discuss with your family.


See what I mean?

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My advice, speak warmly of an interest in electronics, parlay that into a discussion of a desire for “gateway” into cutting edge research, end with a desire to be pre-prepped for a college degree in Electrical Engineering.

I bet you get approval, a little support, and a bunch of college pamphlets.

Yeah I’ve noticed that the nfc nail producer(s) are using a quality 3M adhesive backing, but that’s not common actually for most “wet inlays” as they are known. The down side is that the adhesives used are not considered biosafe, and will very likely cause irritation on certain people’s skin if left for a prolonged period of time. Remember the crap silicone disaster for FitBit a while back? …

I also find it interesting that I had to dig deep for this story on Google and so something tells me they definitely engaged a digital PR “reputation” company to bury this shit… because I typed in exact details and still had to deep dive to page 4 of Google to find this… fuckers.

Anyway… point is… don’t encourage others to stick these on themselves for prolonged periods of time… could end up with anything from mild skin irritation to full out anaphylaxis.

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You got that wrong: Google themselves buried the story, since they’re on the verge of acquiring Fitbit.

And yes, you’re right, they’re fuckers.

But it’s the same on duckduckgo and they are definitely not in the business of helping google out…

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Thanks a ton for the information everyone. I super appreciate it. I’m actually in University right now studying Game Art and Design. I’m actually in the process right now of 3D printing some figurines for my DnD group, sticking tags in the figures so, when tapped, they’ll load the corresponding character sheet and notes and whatnot.


I print minis ALL THE TIME and have never thought about doing this!!! That is brilliant.


Mate, there is another option for explanation of use right there. Prototype gaming project.

If its not already you could use that idea and take that to market.$$$

With some sort of interaction between implanted player / dungeon master and the NFC playable character.

Or scan your implant to run a script to roll “your” dice :game_die: :game_die: :game_die: :game_die: :game_die: then tap you NFC enabled character
:european_castle: :dragon:

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Ooohhh. That’s a lot of ones, PilgrimsMaster. Looks like you trip straight into the lava pool and take 12d10 fire damage.


DDG is an aggregator. It’s basically Bing when Wikipedia search doesn’t return anything. But yeah, you’re right: Microsoft has no interest in killing that particular story, quite the contrary. Maybe Google did the rep job on other search engines too. It would make sense.

Still, you know what? It’s really annoying when you poke holes in my logic :slight_smile:

200 IQ right there

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Also @rvenfrost I’m in a LARP group where we do real life roleplaying occasionally… Just had an idea of putting together a table with readers intergrated in it then totems with a data and led tags in their bases, LEDs light up when they’re in the right spots on the table, data tags spit out parts of a riddle… Gotta put them on the readers in the right order to get the riddle in order and solve a puzzle.

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Idk if you’d call mine minis anymore… The ones I do for the players with tags are like 4"-6" figurines lol but I also print minis for games. Sadly COVID keeps us apart. But then I learned that Tabletop Simulator has fully animated RPG characters lol so idk

That’s amazing! We used some rope lights and things but I don’t think anyone thought of doing that sort of thing. Though its been like 15 years since I’ve been to any LARP. That would be so cool as a player.

Yeah all my games went to roll20, though I do use Tabletop Simulator for board game nights, just tricky because of the software cost. Most people don’t want to shell out for it if they aren’t sure they are going to to use it. Miss seeing people IRL but I prefer gaming online to not at all.

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