TGIF! Tell me what you do with your implant(s)!

It’s Friday! Which means the work week is almost over. I know a lot of us (myself included) probably use implants to get into work or home everyday. But the weekend is almost here, so I was wondering.

What do you use your implant(s) for outside of opening doors at work/home. Bonus points for creativity!

Everyone enjoy your weekend!


Ive built a lock into the top of my work toolbox. (I’m a machinist.)
Gets used every day. Box gets plugged in to recharge every 3 weeks.


If you are looking to do something similar (access project) Have a read of his project

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I sense a lot of magnetic fields and do some party tricks with my magnetic implant. I log in to my computer, unlock my door, and various cabinets with my RFID implant. I don’t have a great use for my NFC implant yet, I got it for future applications. I do share my contact information with the NFC implant currently, but that’s more of just a test use case. The NFC implant also lights up, so in addition to my magnetic implant, they’re great for generation interest and discussion about implants in general.

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I will be using rfid of my NeXT for access control (work and soon an xEM at home, once i get a proxmark3)

i use the nfc of the NeXT for my link tree and if scanned with nfc tools it has an encrypted link to my ID i case i lose it, passwords for random sites and my NHS number.

My magnet is just for sensing but it’s being replaced soon and i’m also implanting another magnet in my hand for lifting, might get an xG3 as well

i have a red xLed beside the NeXT just for show

ill be creating my own flexNeXT with LEDs as well, once i test some silicones and epoxys it’ll be implanted

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Tengo un nfc, y lo uso para enceder las luces de mi casa, con solo tocar el celular…


My xnt is just a link tree until i pad my smart home

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Heya ! Received my titan yesterday, gonna have it installed in a couple weeks, I’m super impatient, but also worried it won’t be that good, can you tell about what kind of stuff you feel, and from how far away ? Also, what implant do you have, and where ? ( bonus points if you wanna share the party tricks ! )

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Hi, not that I mind repeating myself, but you should find everything you need here:

There isn’t much difference between work days and holidays for me. My implants are deeply woven into my daily life. Even if I don’t do much during the weekend, they get used at least several times per day.

Outside of work, I use them to open my front door, secure my locker key at the swimming pool, lock my bike, ride the bus, shop, log into my home computer, authenticate with my home banking app, generate 2FA codes when logging into services that use them, get my temperature the old-fashioned way or the newfangled way, present my COVID certificate (when that was still a thing), share my contact information…

At work, I use them to get into the building of course, but also to open my locker, open my office door, log into my computer with my foot reader or with my smart chair. log into any of our test machines, etc. I know you asked about implant usage outside of work, but I figured this might give you ideas too.

The only time I spend more than 2 hours without using an implant for something or other is when I sleep. And that’s just because I haven’t bothered to install the high-power LF readers under my bed yet :slight_smile: I really couldn’t live without my implants. They’re not a gimmick to me: they’re part of who I am and they make my life easier.


Let me know if you want any help with custom antennas, or even just positioning for best performance. The off the shelf LED stuff from China is pretty fragile.

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Thanks! Ill be in touch if help is needed. :slight_smile:

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