DSRuptive BeUno open beta (EU only)

What’s the precision you need to accurately map that out? Like would you need 0.1°C accuracy in order to trust it, or would 0.5°C work?

The temperature sensor in there might be accurate enough, but you need to manually adjust for the difference between the temperature it reads on your arm and your core temp, and the accuracy on that adjustment could be a bit off depending on conditions

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The thermometers used for that display two decimal places, so yeah, that would be important. The adjusting isn’t really neccessary in fact, because you don’t need your core temperature, you just need a reliable graph of the temperature during the whole cycle, so you can see on what day the temp starts to rise. So if you always use the same method of measuring, it’s okay - it would just be a bad idea to use the implant on some days and measuring in the mouth on some others, for example.

I guess this would surely have some influence :wink:
To be honest, I would never rely on the temperature method for prevention, but it’s definitely interesting nevertheless.

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upload doesn’t work at the moment

I also signed up for the beta

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cool today it worked

Check out my cheap-ass BeUno range extender:

It works pretty good, even through layers of clothes, even with that particular cellphone that just won’t work with the BeUno by itself.

It looks like crap though :slight_smile:


I changed my smartphone 2 weeks ago, from a OnePlus 7T to a Samsung Galaxy S21 FE, and since I’ve had a very hard time to read the BeUno :sob:

Strangely, just as I saw your post, @anon3825968 , I tried and could get a read the 1st time.

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This is my second BeUno. The first one failed. I asked my installer to install the replacement with a dermal elevator in the topmost layer of the skin to maximize coupling. It sure helps.

Wouldn’t that reduce its accuracy though?

Sounds like we need that chip, but in a flex format for a little more range

It doesn’t. No difference.

Indeed. That’s why I made my glassie booster. When His Amalness figures out a hard encapsulation method, we’ll be able to get long range BeUno implants :slight_smile: But for the time being, your best bet for best performances is sourcing an installer who can work a dermal elevator.

Well for the time being, I can’t even get it… since they won’t ship to the states :roll_eyes:

Look at the bright side: you can get your DT implants quick and cheap. I pay 90 euros in shipping + import tax + VAT and wait for 3 weeks.

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True… I am fortunate with DT

But even slow is better than not at all

They also only ship to installers

No, they shipped it to my home. But when I exchanged emails with them, they asked about the installer and contacted him to let him know that he’d have to do an implantation of a BeUno.

Thats not what it said on there site the last time I checked. I want one but won’t be paying to get it installed, maybe I’ll try get one if that’s the case

Consider paying if you’re not used to the skin on the torso. It’s quite different from the skin on the hands and arms. I did a self-install in my chest, it was super hard, and while the glassie went where I intended it to end up at, it dove into the fat under the skin over several months.

Likewise, the xBT under my armpit has gone deep too over time. I can’t find it anymore. I know it’s there because it’s long range and it replies to my animal scanners, but I don’t know where it physically is.

I only implant stuff in my torso or back with a dermal elevator now.

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The S20+ is also crap - difficult to read my xSIIDs without the case. onky the flexchips work

my S8+ works perfect :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I have doubts it will be accurate enough.

There are other methods for tracking this that are more accurate but more expensive.

Mouth? This is not how I’ve seen a basal thermometer ever used.

Sorry, but this reminded me of the old joke…

What’s the difference between an oral and an anal thermometer?

It’s a matter of taste.